Updated: July 16

While building maintenance staff will continue to clean offices, workspaces, and public spaces based on CDC guidance, please take additional care in these areas and wipe down your work areas at the end of each day. Before you leave any room in which you have been working or eating, wipe down all work or eating areas with EPA-registered disinfectant. This includes a private workspace or any shared-space location or equipment (e.g., computers, A/V and other electrical equipment, copiers, desks and tables, chair arms, light switches, doorknobs, handles, etc.). Clear desk and table surfaces in personal offices and workstations to aid in thorough cleaning by building maintenance staff. See below for ordering information.


Departments can order sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizers through iBuy. It should be noted that these are high demand items and there may be delays in receiving orders.

Preferred Sanitizers

Preferred sanitizing products are on EPA List N and contain one of the following active ingredients: hydrogen peroxide, citric acid, lactic acid, ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, peroxyacetic acid, or sodium bisulfate as per Green Seal recommendations. Please refer to this list for specific product recommendations.

Disinfectant sprays used with a paper towel are preferred over disposable disinfecting wipes. Disinfectants recommended by Green Seal are also preferred; they are approved for use against SARS-CoV-2 and are safer for human health. If a spray is not possible and a disposable wipe must be used, purchase compostable plant-based wipes. Wipes should not be placed in bathrooms, as they may get flushed and cause sewage problems.