Safe Ride Service

Use Safe NYU Mobile App or Call 212.998.RIDE

Service Overview

Safe Ride vans provide all overnight service. Safe Ride is an on-demand, shared ride service which is available for transportation to and from NYU facilities, and 3 local mass transit stations during the Academic Term from 12 midnight to 7:30am. For a list of approved locations, click here.

Requesting Service

If you require transportation during these hours, please use the Safe NYU Mobile App (available via your smartphone's app store) or call the Department of Public Safety at (212) 998-RIDE (7433). You can also request a ride via your computer by visiting the Safe Ride web portal. A van operated by Academy Bus will be dispatched to transport you.

Using the Safe NYU Mobile App will provide the following enhancements:

• Better communication: Riders will now be able to track the estimated arrival time of the vehicle assigned to pick them up.

• Reduced Wait Time: Ride requests will be better assigned based on several factor (origin, destination, demand, vehicles in service, traffic, et al.).

• Reduced transit time: Travel routes will be selected based on current traffic conditions and reports, leading to a reduction in travel time.

Need help using the app? Check out our step by step guide on requesting a ride!

Safe NYU Mobile App Download

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