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Sign Up for Emergency Alerts

Emergency Messaging: Your Safety and Your Cell Phone

Your safety is a top priority for NYU. One of the most important tools in an emergency, small or large, is swift communication. NYU has the capacity to send blast messages via text, email, or voice message to your mobile device in order to provide you with direct and timely emergency information in case of an emergency. These messages will be important to safeguard your personal safety.

For students:

We urge you to update your cell phone number by:


  • logging into NYUHome
  • Click on Albert
  • Click on Student Center
  • Click on Personal Information, then Contact Information 
  • Click on on the "Email/Cell Phone/Fax" link under the "Personal Profile" section.

For NYU Employees

We urge you to update your cell phone number by:


  • logging into NYUHome
  • click on the Work tab
  • then the ePass Employee Self-Service channel
  • login to ePass with your NYUHome login and password
  • click on ePass Employee Self Service and update your cell phone in the Home information section. Your number will be kept confidential.

The University will conduct one test per semester; otherwise, the system will only be used in emergency situations.  Other key sources of campus-wide emergency information include, the NYU Information Hotline at 212-998-1220, uniformed Public Safety Officers, and your email inbox.

NYU Emergency text messaging Q & A's


  • What is NYU's emergency communications system?
    A: In the event of a serious emergency, this system will contact registered students, faculty, and staff within minutes of a serious emergency.
  • How does the emergency system work?
    A: NYU's emergency communications service is a web based application that sends real time emergency messages to registered users. The service contacts you via your cell phone and text messaging service (SMS) to mobile devices.
  • Will the system be tested on a regular basis?
    A: Yes. The service will be tested once each semester to ensure that the system is working correctly and to remind the NYU community of the service.
  • When will the service be used?
    A: NYU's emergency communications service will only be used in the event of a serious emergency.
  • Will it be used for important school informational updates?
    A: No. The service will only be used for emergencies.
  • Will NYU charge for this service?
    A: No. There is no charge for this service.
  • Do I need to register for this service?
    A. Yes. You need to register for this service. Students can register via Albert; Faculty and staff can use e-pass to register.
  • Why should I register?
    A: NYU emergency communications allow you to receive urgent university wide communications when you are away from your computer. This is for your protection.
  • Will there be emergency notifications made via social media?
    A: Yes. NYU will utilize the main NYU Twitter and Facebook accounts to convey emergency information, so please follow us.

Emergency Safety Locations

  • Eileen's Special Cheesecake 17 Cleveland Place
  • MBJ Dry Cleaners 176 West Houston Street

  • Gramercy Eatery 18 Lexington Avenue
  • Alpine French Cleaners 205 3rd Avenue
  • Adriana Pizza 252 3rd Avenue
  • Warshaw Hardware 258 3rd Avenue
  • Natural Frontier Market 325 3rd Avenue
  • Baluchi 329 3rd Avenue
  • New York Picture Frame 366 3rd Avenue
  • Gramercy Meat Market 383 2nd Avenue
  • Pro Health Pharmacy 385 2nd Avenue
  • UPS Store 388 2nd Avenue
  • Hidden City Cafe 145 East 23rd Street
  • Pick a Bagel 297 3rd Avenue

  • St. Marks Bookstore 31 3rd Avenue
  • Bio Med Drugs 50 3rd Avenue
  • New York Central Arts 62 3rd Avenue
  • Hattan Cleaners 141 3rd Avenue
  • Firm Shoe Repair 116 4th Avenue
  • Royal Cleaners 85 4th Avenue
  • Lois French Cleaners 45 3rd Avenue
  • Royal Cleaners 85 3rd Avenue
  • M&N Cleaners 207 E. 14th Street
  • Alabaster Book Shop 122 4th Avenue
  • ACE Hardware 130 4th Avenue
  • Le Basket Cafeteria 683 Broadway
  • Triple A Cleaners 126 4th Avenue

  • Staples #1106 769 Broadway
  • Cozy Soup n Burger 739 Broadway
  • Oren's Daily Roast 31 Waverly Place
  • Mail Boxes Etc. 315 Bleecker Street
  • Cosi 841 Broadway
  • Forum Photo 27 Waverly Pl.
  • Friends Cafe and Deli 27 Waverly Pl.
  • J.W. Market 240 Sullivan Street
  • Silver Spurs 771 Broadway
  • Ben's Pizza 123 MacDougall Street
  • Brown Bag Laundromat 208 Mercer Street
  • New Fancy Cleaners 46 E. 8th Street
  • Metro Drug Stores 13 E. 8th Street
  • Au Bon Pain 58 E. 8th Street
  • Basic Plus 121 University Place
  • Aerosoles 63 E. 8th Street
  • Bullys Deli 759 Broadway
  • NoHo Juice Bar 208 Mercer Street
  • Village Stationary 552 LaGuardia Place
  • Bahman Cleaners 210 Mercer Street
  • Bagel Bobs 51 University Pl.
  • Devonshire Optical 51 University Pl.
  • University Floral 51 University Pl.
  • Whitney Chemist 50 Universityn Pl.
  • University Chemist 74 University Pl.
  • Village Shoe repair 52 University Place
  • Aphrodite Cleaners 30 University Pl.
  • J&J Harmony Cleaners 71 University Pl.
  • Aphrodite Cleaners 30 University Place
  • Basics Plus 121 University Place
  • Bruno Bakery 506 LaGuardia Place

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