Investigative Services

Our Team

The NYU Public Safety Investigations Team is responsible for investigating crimes that happen on campus or that impact the members of the NYU campus community. Investigating 600 cases each year, our team has more than 50 years of experience and expertise and focuses on helping the university community with incidents such as larcenies, harassment, social issues and special victim cases. If you are in need of assistance, please contact us using the information above.

Contact Us:

Investigations: 212.998.2222

Special Victims: 212.992.6403

Karen Ortman, Director, Investigations and Special Victim Liaison

Background: Karen is a retired Detective Lieutenant from New Jersey. She is an expert at investigating violent crimes including child abuse, sexual assault and homicide with several years of experience in white collar crimes and internal affairs.

Responsibilities: Karen helps the investigations team identify offenders in cases when appropriate. As the Special Victims Liaison, she serves as a resource for members of our community who are seeking information pertaining to the criminal justice process, from filing the initial criminal report, to meeting with the District Attorney, to a potential trial. She also assists victims to obtain orders of protection in family or criminal court.

Typical Day: Karen meets with students and other members of the community who contact her directly, are referred to her by the Title IX Office or come to her from the Wellness Exchange. She accompanies victims to local police precincts, Offices of the District Attorney, Family Court or the Family Justice Center. She conducts interviews with people who make complaints to NYU Public Safety, as well as those who are accused in those complaints.

Garry Loh, Sergeant, Investigative Services

Background: Garry has worked as a sergeant with NYU Public Safety since 2002, and in investigations since 2004. Before he came to NYU, Garry was the Director of Security at Queens Center Mall.

Responsibilities: Garry single-handedly conducts hundreds of investigations each year, conducting interviews of victims, witnesses and alleged perpetrators, watching security footage to obtain descriptions and/or identifications of potential offenders and victims, and writes up his findings in his investigative case notes.  Garry also creates security alerts for the DPS security staff,  and liaises with members of the NYPD and with security officers at posts across campus to see if identifications of  suspects can be made.  Additionally, he is responsible for managing the Departmetn’s  video files so that they can be passed to NYPD when appropriate.

Typical Day: Garry conducts victim and witness interviews, and reviews  hours of video footage in an attempt to verify information filed in incident reports. He follows up with complainants to help solidify incident reports, and liaises with NYU's legal department regarding the transmittal of subpoenaed video footage. He also  attends court and testifies when needed.

Suggestions to Students

Karen: I believe that there are many members of the NYU community who remain silent about their victimization because they do not know where to turn for help or they fear that talking about it will require them to take action. My goal is for these individuals to come forward to have a conversation; to gain insight and understanding as to how the investigative process works so that they can make an informed decision regarding next best steps.  

Garry: Don't forget your belongings when you travel around campus and the city. When our students go into one of our buildings and show their IDs, they feel their stuff is safe, and it is. However, it doesn't mean they should leave their things and exit the area, go to Starbucks or the bathroom and expect that everything will be there when they return. As a rule of thumb, always secure your property, no matter if you're at NYU or anywhere else in the city.