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Computer and Electronic Waste

Procedures for Recycling or Disposing of Computer and Electronic Equipment

The following three steps must be completed in order for any computer or electronic equipment to be removed for surplus or recycling/disposal from any NYU facility.

Step 1: Erase Data

Prior to disposing or sending for surplus, all software and data files on all computer equipment must be destroyed or sanitized. Information Technology Services (ITS) has issued information and guidelines to assist departments in accomplishing this task. The information is available on ITS's website.

Step 2: Asset Management Surplus/Disposal Tag

After successfully destroying or sanitizing any data contained on the computer equipment, the computer equipment must be "tagged" for surplus or disposal by the department of Asset Management. Information and guidelines for achieving this are located on Asset Management's website.

Step 3: Removal for Surplus or Recycling/Disposal

Once the first two steps have been completed, the equipment is ready for removal.

If the equipment is going for surplus, Asset Management will arrange the removal.

If the equipment is to be sent for recycling/disposal, contact your building manager to arrange for the equipment to be removed from your area. The building manager will contact Environmental Health and Safety to coordinate the recycling/disposal.

For more information: Computer Equipment Disposal (PDF).

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