Waste Disposal

Environmental Health and Safety manages the disposal of chemical and biological waste from NYU facilities, in accordance with federal, state and local regulations. There are specific procedures for handling, storage and disposal for different types of waste and different areas of the University. Please choose from the list below for further information on handling and disposal of waste from your area.

Art Department Waste

Art areas can generate a number of different waste-streams and it all must be identified, handled, stored, and disposed of properly.

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Regulated Medical Waste

Regulated medical waste includes agents infectious to humans and is regulated under federal, state, and/or local laws.

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Computer and Electronic Waste

Computers and electronics contain toxic materials and must be disposed of properly following NYU's three step process.

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Chemical Waste

Hazardous chemical waste is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency and has very specific disposal requirements that must be followed.

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Dental Clinic Waste

Waste materials are routinely generated in dental clinics including hazardous and regulated medical wastes. These materials that must be disposed of properly.

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Facilities Waste

Waste materials generated in all NYU facilities must be identified and disposed of in the proper manner.

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Housing Facilities Waste

Waste materials generated in student and faculty housing must be identified and disposed of in the proper manner.

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Laboratory Waste

NYU is responsible for the control of health hazards related to chemical and physical agents within the University's laboratories.

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Radioactive Waste

The Radiation Safety Department is based in NYU Medical School and serves as an institutional resource for all components of New York University.

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Renovation and Demolition Waste

Renovation and demolition waste has the potential to be hazardous to human health or the environment.

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Recyclable Materials

NYU has a mixed recycling systems that accepts all plastics, glass, metals, and paper in one bin.

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Universal Waste

Universal Waste is a hazardous waste that is managed under streamlined requirements to encourage collection, recycling and disposal of these wastes.

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Waste Labels

Environmental Health and Safety provides waste management labels that can be printed or downloaded online.

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Waste Pick-Up Schedules

Schedules of chemical and universal waste pick-ups for the Washington Square campus, the College of Dentistry, and the Institute of Fine Arts.

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Waste Minimization

When possible, departments using toxic chemicals should introduce less toxic substitutes and strive to minimize use.

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