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David A Vogelsang

Executive Director
T: 212.998.4955

Contact David about the Student Resource Center, parent questions, or anything else you're not sure where to ask.


Samantha Shapses Wertheim

Director, Graduate Life
Associate Director, SRC

T: 212.998.4623

Contact Samantha about graduate student life at NYU, resources for students with children, veteran resources, and off campus living resources.

Paulina Abaunza


Associate Director
T: 212.998.4418
E: Ask SRC

Contact staff about commuter programs, Faculty Affiliates, assessment initiatives for the SRC, and transfer & transitioning programs.


Zach Harrell

Assistant Director
T: 212.998.4960

Contact Zach about Welcome Week, Class Activities Boards, and general questions about the SRC.


Long Wu

Program Administrator
T: 212.998.4206

Contact Long for information about transfer student life, organizations and services.

Program Administrator

Isabella Villacampa

Program Administrator
T: 212.998.4703

Contact Isabella about Welcome Week, Back to the Square, and Class Activities Boards.

Denise Boneta

Denise Boneta

Program Administrator
T: 212.998.4507

Contact Denise about commuter student life, organizations and services.


Mary Miller

Administrative Aide
T: 212.998.4951

Contact Mary with general questions about the SRC, office resources, student employment opportunities, or anything else you're not sure where to ask.

Kat Atienza

Kat Atienza

Graduate Intern
T: 212.998.4622

Contact Kat about Class Activities Board and Off-Campus Living

Graduate Intern

Scott Gautney

Graduate Intern
T: 212.998.4962

Contact Scott about graduate student programming, resources for students with children and resources for students in the military.

Graduate Intern

Hannah Pingelton

Graduate Intern
T: 212.998.4965

Contact Hannah about commuter student life and services.

Victor Velasco

Victor Velasco

Graduate Intern
T: 212.998.4954

Contact Victor about transfer student life and services.

Office Assistants

Go Ahead, Ask Us!

Student Resource Center
Kimmel Center for University Life
60 Washington Square South, Suite 210
New York, NY 10012

Tel: 212.998.4411
Fax: 212.995.4305
Email: Click Here

Mon. - Th., 9am-9pm EST
Friday, 9am-5pm EST

Summer and Intercession Hours:
Mon. - Fri., 9am-5pm EST

Note that we are temporarlily located in room 703 during the summer due to renovations in our 210 office.

src staff 2
SRC Staff
SRC Grad Interns

NASPA Excellence Awards:

07-08 - Gold
for Student Resource Center

2008-09 - Silver
for Graduate Welcome Week

2009-10 - Silver
for First Year Commuter Experience

2011-12 - Gold
for CommUnity

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