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Training and Support

The following section is designed to provide resources for NYU administrators who are operating University-focused social media accounts. Additional training and support materials are available for NYU employees.

If you have any specific requests, please

Social Media Resources

University Identity

Consistent use of the University's visual identity adds to each unit’s value while reinforcing the collective value of the institution.

Social Media Blogs

Stay up-to-date on your social media networks by following their blogs.  

Social Media Resources

Resources to help you analyze your social media and create new content. 

Follow New York University on your favorite social network.

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Additional Resources

Many other key groups at New York University have key resources or information valuable to those using social media at the university.  

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Social Media Best Practices

Representing New York University on social media comes with responsiblity. Learn about best practices at NYU.

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Social media courses are offered a minimum of twice per semester during Fall and Spring and at least once in the Summer. Upcoming courses will be listed below when scheduled.

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