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Social Media at NYU

There are more than 1,000 NYU social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter alone. Whether you're looking to enhance your existing social media strategy or just getting started with a new account, you've come to the right place. As social media usage continues to flourish here and in higher education as a whole, it's important that we take these efforts seriously.

This page is designed to help you, as the community manager or administrator of an NYU-focused account, to get started and to answer any questions that you may have regarding social media for University departments and organizations. The information provided is designed to enhance your social media strategy and help you meet your goals and benchmarks.

Social Media Best Practices

At NYU, we believe the use of social media is a way to digitally connect and communicate with others -- friends, classmates, colleagues, and sometimes strangers. The strength of social media is that it is built upon real relationships between people, with technology enabling people to easily connect with others around the world -- carrying messages quickly to others near and far.

Additionally, social networking (both on NYU-provided services and on commercially-available services) can help to support the University mission of teaching, learning, research, and community life.

Social Media Ambassadors

The Social Media Ambassadors is a group intended for employees who take part in managing social media on behalf of an NYU entity (i.e. office, department, school, etc.). The group is designed to facilitate community amongst the members increasing knowledge, awareness, and best practices in the areas of social media at NYU.

The group meets twice a semester for in-person meetings and communicates throughout the year using the Social Media Ambassadors Google Group.

Members should be active managers and administrators of a NYU social media account. An account is required to join. If you have any issues, please contact Chris Barrows at

Social Media Training Sessions

Training sessions are offered throughout the year through Human Resources iLearn system, the Social Media Ambassadors group and through personalized workshops set-up through the Digital Communications Group. 

To inquire about social media training opportunities, you can inquire at

Social Media Account Audits

If you manage an account for the university and would like to see improved results, we're here to help. Email and request a social media account audit. In return, you'll get a one-page (per account) with tips and suggestions for improving your social media account. In addition, a follow-up conversation will take place to discuss the suggestions.

Audits are designed to provide guidance though all solutions may not be possible at the time of audit.

How Can We Help?  

The New York University Social Media team offers a variety of resources and services. You can view useful documents to assist you with your social media accounts and help you get started by visiting our Training and Support page.

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Social Media Ambassadors

A group for NYU employees who manage social media on behalf of a campus entity. This group facilitates knowledge, awareness, and best practices regarding social media at NYU.

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Additional Resources

Many other key groups at New York University have key resources or information valuable to those using social media at the university.  

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Social Media Best Practices

Representing New York University on social media comes with responsiblity. Learn about best practices at NYU.

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