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Video/Web/Audio Meetings, Chat, and Conferencing

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NYU IT provides several tools that make it easy for administrators and instructors to connect and communicate with other members of the NYU community across different locations, time zones, and parts of the globe. 

From web chat to audio bridges, to live video conferencing, IT can assist and support you in various methods of meeting communications.  

Coordinated in-room video conference and audio/visual support for administrative conference rooms.

Collaborative applications include audio/visual conferencing via Connex, Google Apps, and Rightfax.

Communicate in real-time via text conversations, group text conversations, video calls, and group video calls.  

Faculty can use this tool to communicate across borders and, if desired, connect courses between different NYU sites. 

Available for some meetings and for instruction if the instructor has previous experience using WebEx as a teaching tool.

Video bridge services available for video conference calling.

Web conferencing technology allows faculty members to deliver course content and receive real time feedback from students.

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