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Entering college is the fulfillment of a dream for both you and your child. With the college decision process completed, now comes the challenge for your child to decide on a career path. Encouraging your child to participate in campus activities, to explore interests outside of class, and to actively engage in the career planning process at the Wasserman Center for Career Development can help in choosing a career path.

Career Planning

We recommend a proactive approach to your child’s career planning, and that a student’s first visit to the Wasserman Center take place during the freshman year. This way, he or she can become acquainted early with a career coach, the various services we offer, and with all the elements of career planning and job hunting. Remember that the college years go fast.

During your child’s first visit with a career coach, we will explore the student's career interests and goals, and explain how to use office services. Next, the career coach will help the student design a career planning strategy. Some students start with self-assessment (a clarification of career-related interests, skills, and values). Others may start with career exploration through various print and online tools. Investigating a variety of professions can broaden a student's awareness of career options and increase his or her knowledge of the world of work.

Resume Review

Preparing a dynamic resume and cover letter can set a student on the right track to getting their "dream job." We help students create and revise resumes and cover letters in career coaching appointments and daily walk-in hours.

Interview Prep

One of the most significant aspects of the job search process is the interview. Ultimately, this determines whether or not a student will be offered employment. We help students prepare for interviews by providing seminars, mock interviews, and web-based interview training tools that allow students to practice, record, review, and share digitally-recorded interviews using a personal computer and a web-camera.

Job Search

We are here to give your child the tools to find the right opportunities during what has the potential to become an overwhelming process. Encourage your child to meet with a career coach to develop a job search strategy that best meets your child’s needs. Resources such as NYU CareerNet, Career Fairs, iNet, Mentor Network, and the On-Campus Recruitment program are available to students. Please note, the Wasserman Center makes every effort to screen employers and job postings on NYU CareerNet. If your student receive a suspicious email or phone message from an employer, it is extremely important to exercise caution.

"Wasserman is an exceptional career center because of the extensive variety of services it offers to students. NYU Wasserman provides students at all stages of their career the help they need." —Sarah, Junior, CAS

How You Can Help

Become aware of the factors involved in career planning and share them with your student. This is an individual process. Respecting your student's unique combination of interests, abilities, and values can go a long way toward helping them make some important career decisions. Additionally, please respect the guidelines and policies of the Wasserman Center.

With support from both their parents and the Wasserman Center, students will be better able to find genuine career satisfaction in the future.

Parents' Guide to the Wasserman Center

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