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On-Campus Employment FAQs

What is Federal Work-Study? How do I apply? How is it awarded?

Federal Work-Study is a program that allows students to work On-Campus, part-time while completing their studies. Many students are awarded work-study as part of their Financial Aid package, based on their needs as indicated in the FAFSA. Students have the option to either accept or decline Federal Work-Study when accepting their financial aid package. At NYU, the each hiring department must cover 25% of the student's pay, while the government compensates for the other 75% (more about this can be found below). Please be aware that the Wasserman center does NOT control Federal Work-Study distribution at NYU. For more information on Federal Work-Study, how to apply, or to find out if you're eligible:

When and how will I receive my Federal Work-Study award?

Understand that your award amount is NOT guaranteed, you must first find and secure an On-Campus Work-Study position. Available positions can be searched for on NYU CareerNet, a free job search database offered by the Wasserman Center. The Wasserman Center can assist with your job search.

It is very unlikely that you'll receive a lump-sum amount. Most positions On-Campus pay by the hour, so the amount you were awarded is the maximum that you can earn with the government paying 75% of your pay and the NYU department that you're working for paying the remaining 25%. Once you've earned, or are close to earning your maximum award amount, you and your supervisor will likely discuss and choose to do one of the following:

  • Reduce your hours (so that you don't exceed the max. award amount)
  • Reduce your pay (again, so you don't exceed the max. award amount)
  • Petition to an NYU Financial Aid Advisor to increase your award amount
  • Allow you to continue working your normal hours at your normal rate, but once you've reached your maximum award amount, the NYU department you're working for paying would begin covering 100% of your pay (instead of the 25% required with Work-Study)
  • End your employment temporarily, until the following academic year when Federal Work-Study funds are replenished (please note, Federal Work-Study funds are not guaranteed each year - so if you received it as part of your Financial Aid package this academic year, it may or may not be offered the following academic year).

How do I find a job?

NYU CareerNet is the Wasserman Center's online job and internship database. The database houses current On-Campus positions (both Federal and non-Federal Work-Study), Off-Campus positions, and internship opportunities. The Wasserman Center does not write the job postings, but instead the listings are submitted by individual employers. It is therefore your responsibility to contact and/or follow-up with the specific employers for more information or details regarding specific listings.

Please note that each job listed on the NYU CareerNet site is reviewed and approved by the Wasserman Center staff before it is viewable on the site. We do our best to vet out fraudulent job listings that we receive, however mistakes do occur. If you come across what appears to be an illegitimate job posting, please contact us immediately.

While NYU CareerNet lists many available positions. It is NOT the only way to find and secure employment. We encourage all students interested in working On-Campus to call, email, or visit NYU employers of interest to see if they have any openings available. We do recommend visiting and picking up paper job applications from Bobst Library, Coles Athletic Facility, Palladium Athletic Facility, and the NYU Bookstore, along with professors and department administrators. The four aforementioned places typically hire on a rolling basis throughout the year, and generally do NOT list all of their available positions on the NYU CareerNet site.

Please be aware that there are a limited number of jobs available On-Campus, so we encourage you to also apply to nearby Off-Campus positions as well (e.g. retail, restaurants, etc.)

Wll the money I earn be credited towards my NYU bill?

Federal Work-Study funds are not credited towards your NYU bill. Instead you will receive a bi-weekly check based on your hourly pay (or stipend in some cases). Some students then choose to use their earnings to make payments on their NYU bill, purchase books, meals, or cover day-to-day expenses.

I don't have Federal Work-Study. Can I still work on campus?

Most NYU departments have budgets set aside specifically for hiring and paying student employees without Federal Work-Study funds. When looking for available Non-Federal Work-Study positions on the NYU CareerNet site, we recommend that you use the search tools to filter your results to only show "Non-Federal Work-Study."

How is an on-campus student employment position different from an off-campus part-time job?

We encourage you to apply to positions both on and off campus to increase your chances of securing a position. However you should keep in mind that working on campus at NYU offers many benefits, such as:

  • Little or no travel time
  • Flexibility with hours and work schedule
  • Secure and 100% legal pay: You don't have to worry about scams or any other issues that students and novice employees often face.
  • Little to no experience is required
  • Resume building and solid references: NYU On-Campus Employers often make great experience and references for internships and post-graduate opportunities.

I don't have any experience. Will that be a problem?

NYU Employers understand that many incoming freshman most likely don't have prior work experience, and therefore will offer you the necessary skills and instruction for the given job.

Can I use my Federal Work-Study funds toward an off-campus position?

No. Federal Work-Study funds distributed at NYU can only be used for on-campus positions, with the exception of America Reads.

Can I use my Federal Work-Study funds for a student employment job at an NYU Global site?

Yes! There are on campus job opportunities at NYU study abroad sites. Some student employment abroad opportunities are listed on the NYU CareerNet site, however the majority of the student employment jobs abroad will be announced once you arrive at your abroad study site. For more details, you may contact the NYU Study Abroad office.

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