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Hiring Student Employees

Advertising On-Campus Positions

All on-campus positions (including Federal Work Study Program positions) should be posted on NYU CareerNet (an on-line database of part-time, full-time, and internship positions). This service is free of charge. It is also strongly recommended that hiring departments attend the our career fairs to recruit potential employees. These fairs offer employers the convenient opportunity to meet many motivated candidates in-person as well as gain visibility on-campus. Participating in these career fairs is also free of charge for NYU departments.

Hiring Forms

Prior to interviewing for on-campus positions, student employee applicants must complete an On-Campus Student Employee Application (“B” or “A”) available via Albert. This application form verifies the student’s enrollment for the semester and indicates the student’s Federal Work Study award balance.

  • New student employees and those who have NOT worked at NYU in the past 3 years must fill out the On-Campus Student Employee Application “B”. Within 24 hours of application “B” submission, new hires should receive access to PeopleSync where they can complete their portion of the I-9, W-4, and Payment Elections online. New hires are then required to complete the I-9 verification process by bringing their documentation to Wasserman for approval (please refer to the section “Procedure for I-9 Forms” for more information). Upon completing the I-9 verification process, students will receive an approved “signed” copy of the On-Campus Student Employee Application to submit to their respective hiring department. (Refer to the section “Student Pay” for next steps.)
  • Rehired student employees or those who HAVE worked at NYU in the past 3 years must submit an On-Campus Student Employee Application “A” for reappointment. (Please note: All graduate student employees must be reappointed on a semester–to-semester basis). All rehired domestic students can either visit Wasserman for quick approval or will receive an approval through Albert within one to three business days. Their approved application form can then be taken back to their respective hiring department. International students must bring in their work authorization document (I-20, DS-2019, or EA Card) to the Wasserman Center for approval. (Refer to the section “Student Pay” for next steps.)

Procedure for I-9 Forms

In order to comply with Federal Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 regulations, all new student employees must complete an I-9 verification process after they have been hired by a specific University department. This includes submitting the I-9 form through PeopleSync and bringing in acceptable forms of identification for approval. Please note: For students who are 25 and under, NY state requires the use of at least one document during I-9 processing that indicates the student’s date of birth for proof of age. Documents that include the date of birth include the U.S Passport, Permanent Resident Card, Driver’s License, and Birth Certificate.

  • For U.S Citizens and Permanent Resident students, acceptable forms of identification can be found here.
  • For International Students, acceptable forms of identification can be found here. In addition, International students who DO NOT have a Social Security Numbers must apply for a card through the Office of Global Services and provide a receipt of application when visiting the Wasserman Center to complete their I-9.

Federal regulations require that the I-9 form be completed within three business days of the employment date. Students are PROHIBITED from working more than 3 business days without completing their I-9. Please allow at least 1-2 weeks (when possible) between hiring and start date to allow students to get their documents in to the Wasserman Center. International students may take extra time because of applying for a Social Security Card. Please hold students accountable to deadlines for new-hire paperwork to avoid student pay errors.

The Student Employment staff at the Wasserman Center determines which students may need to return to the Wasserman Center to update or complete a new I-9 form if they have worked at NYU in the past. For each student it hires, the hiring department should follow the instructions listed on the On-Campus Student Employee Application form that outlines the steps the student needs to take to complete an I-9 form.

Student Pay

Hiring departments are responsible for submitting a PeopleSync transaction for each student employee that has been approved by Wasserman. This transaction should include the “signed” approved Wasserman On-Campus Application, NYS Labor Law 195 form, and the Student Appointment form. This step is critical as it ensures that each student employee is put on payroll and avoids paycheck delays. For any questions regarding PeopleSync transactions please contact PeopleLink at 212.992.5465 or

Student employees submit time sheets to their supervisors and receive paychecks every two weeks. Provide them with a copy of their NYU Payroll schedule and Student Employees’ Guide to Using NYU myTime for their understanding of NYU Payroll/myTime. Time sheets are located on NYU myTime, NYU’s electronic time and attendance system. MyTime is located on NYU Home > Work. Timesheets must be completed by the student and approved by the student’s time sheet approver. There is a two-week time period between work performed and work paid. Student employees are encouraged to enroll in direct deposit. They can enroll through PeopleSync, ‘Payment Elections’. If student employees do not select direct deposit, paychecks are distributed at each hiring department.

One of the benefits of the Federal Work Study Program at NYU is that departments pay only 25% of a student’s salary and the federal government pays the remaining portion. Schools and administrative areas are encouraged to offer competitive wages to prospective student employees. This will greatly help in attracting and retaining student employees. If you need guidance with competitive salary guidelines, the staff at the Wasserman Center would be happy to assist.

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