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On-Campus Recruitment

The On-Campus Recruitment program (OCR) provides employers with the opportunity to hold presentations and conduct interviews on the New York University campus for full-time positions in the fall and spring semesters and paid summer internships in the spring semester. After you select an interview date and post your position, we will market the opportunity to qualified students who meet your position requirements. Once the resume submission deadline passes, you select the candidates you wish to interview, and then we take care of coordinating the interview schedule.

Benefits of On-Campus Recruitment

NYU Recruitment Scheduling Expertise: Through OCR, the Wasserman Center does the scheduling and coordinating of students for you. We stay on top of all of your schedules and prepare interview packets with your finalized schedule and interviewees' resumes on your interview day.

Virtual Interviewing Capability: The Wasserman Center can coordinate virtual interviews to allow you to interview our students who are studying abroad with ease and efficiency.

On-site Facilities

  • 24 interview rooms
  • Employer Business Center complete with coffee, espresso, tea, complimentary breakfast
  • Complimentary lunch and snacks
  • Access to Palladium gym facilities
  • Secure wi-fi access

OCR Overview & Instructions for Employers

Student Participants

All undergraduate and graduate degree candidates from NYU are eligible to participate in the OCR program with the exception of MBA and Law students. Students graduating in the class of 2016 are eligible for full-time OCR. Students graduating in the class of 2017 are eligible for summer internship OCR.

  • For detailed information about a particular school or major, please visit NYU Academics.

Requesting Interview and/or Presentation Dates

  • Full-time positions: OCR interviews begin during the fall semester.
  • Paid summer internships: OCR interviews take place during the spring semester.
  • This year, as part of a special pilot program, OCR interviews for accounting and technology summer internships may take place during the fall semester.

To request an OCR date:

  1. Log into your NYU CareerNet account.
  2. Selecting 'Request New OCR Interview Date' or 'Request a New Information Session' from the Shortcuts menu.
  3. After your date is confirmed (1-2 business days) you will receive a confirmation email. If you requested an interview schedule, you will receive additional instructions for posting your job to your schedule through our OCR job board.

We accept reservations on a rolling basis. We encourage you to allow 3-4 weeks for the application, selection, and interview sign up process to take place properly. If you require a shorter turnaround time, you can request the 'Room Reservation Only' model where you reach out directly to candidates you have already selected to coordinate their interview times. Additional information about this option is listed below.

Reviewing Resumes

During your employer select period your resume packet will be available for download within the 'Publication Requests' tab of your NYU CareerNet account.

Selecting Candidates

During your Employer Select period you can view applicants and change their status to "Invited," "Alternate," or "Not Selected." In your account under the OCR tab, choose the schedule, then click the "Applicants" tab. Select the students you would like to invite to interview. Then, from the "Change status to" drop down menu, select "Invited" or "Alternate". After your deadline, students who were not entered as "Invited" or "Alternate" will automatically be updated to "Not Invited".  

Please contact the Recruitment Team immediately if you miss your preselect deadline or if you experience difficulty entering your candidate selections.

Interview Day

Please check in at the OCR desk when you arrive for your interviews. We will provide you with your interview schedule and resumes for the day, and escort you to your assigned room. Please be prepared to show a photo ID to the security guards in the lobby.

Additional Options

  • Resume Collect: After you post your job and receive resumes, you may coordinate the interviews, which are held at your office or another location off-campus. A room at NYU is not reserved for interviews.
  • Room Reservation Only: An interview room is reserved for your use all day. No position is attached to this reservation, and you manage the interview schedule. Please note, this option may only be used to interview current NYU students.

Important Dates

  • Sep 6: Fall term classes begin
  • Sep 8: Full-time interviews begin; Presentations begin (full-time and internship)
  • Oct 2-4: Rosh Hashanah (no events/interviews)
  • Oct 10: Fall Recess (no events/interviews)
  • Oct 12: Yom Kippur (no events/interviews)
  • Oct 13: Internship interviews begin
  • Dec 16: Last day of fall term classes
  • Jan 23: Spring term classes begin; Recruitment recommences


Any interview schedule or presentation date that is cancelled less than 10 business days prior to the actual interview date will incur a $200 cancellation fee. There is no fee to reserve an interview room. For information regarding presentation space fees, please review the request form in your NYU CareerNet account.

Offer Policy

We require all employers to honor all offers made as is and that no conditions be placed on the offer. Pressure to accept early makes it difficult for us to enforce our strict policies against students reneging on job offers. Please refrain from pressuring students on acceptances and understand the necessity of letting candidates make an informed decision resulting in truly committed employees. Exploding offers and special incentives such as diminishing bonuses and location preference should not be held out to induce a student to accept an offer early.

We ask employers to give students 3 weeks to decide about a full-time job offer and 4 weeks to decided about an internship offer. If a summer internship is converted to a full-time offer, students have until October 3, 2016 to decide.

If you do not abide by the OCR offer policies, your ability to request interview and presentation dates for the following semester will be impacted.

Second Round Interview Policy

Employers must give students 72 hours notice to schedule their interview. This allows sufficient time to rearrange first round interviews.

Acknowledgement and Agreement

I have read and agree that all members of my organization will abide by the terms of New York University's On-Campus Recruitment Agreement and Interview Reservation Request Form with respect to the NYU On-Campus Recruitment Program. I acknowledge that New York University will rely upon my organization to comply with the On-Campus Recruitment Agreement and am aware that the penalties noted therein (e.g., event cancellation, imposition of fees) may be imposed if the terms are not met.

Branding On Campus

We believe employers bring a valuable and unique perspective to students' career exploration and development. Regardless of your organization's current recruiting needs, we welcome your involvement in career development activities to help you stay connected to NYU students and build your brand on-campus.

Each employer presentation is marketed in our weekly newsletter and on our website. If you would like to discuss additional marketing strategies, please email

We encourage employers to contact NYU clubs directly as well.

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