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Phase 2: Room Selection

Room Preview allows you to learn more about the housing options available to you. Check out the online preview, available on the housing portal.

Phase 2: Room Selection is the process by which students are given the opportunity to select a room online from the available housing inventory. Selection times are determined randomly within priority groups. Students submitting names together (for room, suite or hall placement) will have individual priorities averaged to create one group priority.

The Phase 2 Room Selection will take place between March 31, 2014 and April 11, 2014.

Due to the high demand for NYU Housing, not all students may be able to select a space during the Phase 2: Room Selection. The Office of Residential Life and Housing Services will administratively assign students who are unable to select their room over the summer. In this situation, students are still committed to the full terms of the housing license as outlined in the key components of the process.  Students should re-review the 2014-2015 proposed housing rates prior to the start of Phase 2.

The Room Selection step can only be accessed through the housing application portal on your NYUHome account. There you will find the "Housing Forms Log-In" channel on the NYU Life page. Click on the "Student Housing and Meal Plan Forms" link and follow the University login prompts to access the application portal. Once in the portal, you may access the housing re-application by clicking the "Application" link in the grey navigation bar. You will want to select the "Academic Year 2014-2015" application. Once in the application, you will be able to readily access Phase 2.




(Hall availability is subject to change.)

Manhattan Halls

Alumni Hall  Broome Street Coral Towers
Carlyle Court Gramercy Green Greenwich Hall
Lafayette Street Palladium Hall* Second Street
Seventh Street West 13th Street Affinia Hotels**

* Upperclass housing will be limited since much of the hall will be designated as FYRE for the 2014-2015 academic year due to the closing of Hayden Hall.

** Please click here for more details about Fall 2014 housing in the Affinia hotels.

Most buildings will have a number of spaces withheld from general room selection for pre-designated Explorations and Special Interest Programs.

Please make note the special interest programs in the following buildings.

  • Broome Street will house the Residential College program.
  • Seventh Street will house the Green House program.
  • West 13th Street will house the Senior House Program

Brooklyn Halls

Othmer Hall St. George Clark Hall


Room Selection times are determined by a randomized sorting within priority categories. Students who have registered in a group will have individual priorities averaged to create one group priority.

Students will be notified by 5pm on March 28, 2014 (date subject to change) via their NYUHome account of the specific date and time that they will be able to access the Room Selection step, view the available inventory, and select a room. Students will be able to access the Room Selection step through the Housing Forms Channel at NYUHome.

While students are not required to choose an assignment at their selection time, other students will continue to be rolled into the selection pool, making it likely that there will be fewer spaces as the process continues. The process will be open through 5:00pm EST on April 11, 2014, as space permits, for students to make a room selection for next year.



The selection times are randomly generated based on students’ individual priority or averaged group priority (if a student has registered with a group in Phase 1).

Students participating in Explorations programs, the Green House, the International House, the Senior House, or the Residential College will only be able to select within the program to which they were accepted.

Students participating in the Residential College will begin selecting on Monday, March 31, 2014 (date subject to change).

The general student room selection process (including Explorations programs, the Green House, the International House, and the Senior House) will begin on Tuesday, April 1, 2014 (date subject to change).

Once selection times are determined, timetables will be provided to give students a better idea about where their selection time falls within the overall process.


Group Start Time
End Time
Residential College 3/31 @ 9:30am 3/31 @ 12:20pm
Brooklyn - Priority 1
3/31 @ 1:50pm
3/31 @ 3:00pm
Brooklyn - Priority 2 3/31 @ 3:20pm 3/31 @ 4:10pm
Manhattan - Priority 1 4/1 @ 9:30am
4/2 @ 4:20pm
Manhattan - Priority 2 4/3 @ 9:40am 4/4 @ 2:30pm
Manhattan - Priority 3 4/4 @ 2:40pm 4/4 @ 3:20pm
Brooklyn Pick Time Slot  
Start 3/31 @ 1:50pm  
50th 3/31 @ 2:30pm  
100th 3/31 @ 3:00pm  
150th 3/31 @ 3:30pm  
End 3/31 @ 4:10pm  
Manhattan Pick Time Slot
Start 4/1 @ 9:30am
500th 4/1 @ 11:40am
1000th 4/1 @ 1:30pm
1500th 4/1 @ 3:40pm  
2000th 4/2 @ 10:40am  
2500th 4/2 @ 12:30pm
3000th 4/2 @ 2:30pm  
3500th 4/2 @ 4:30pm  
4000th 4/3 @ 12:20pm  
4500th 4/3 @ 3:20pm  
End 4/4 @ 3:20pm  


If you chose not to create a group during Phase 1, you will be able to go through Room Selection as an individual. When you access the Phase 2 step, you will be able to browse through the available inventory and select a room. Once your room has been confirmed, it cannot be changed. Be sure to make your selection carefully. Students can access the Phase 2: Room Selection step in the Academic Year 2014-2015 application via the Housing Forms channel at NYUHome.



All individuals within a group can log in and select independently OR allow the Group Leader to select for them. Only the Group Leader can select for other group members. The Group Leader may only select spaces for group members within the same suite or floor.

As space becomes limited, groups may be forced to split apart. If possible, all group members are encouraged to be together to assist the Group Leader with selection decisions. It is critical that group members discuss options and alternatives. Once an assignment is confirmed, it cannot be changed.

If the Group Leader does not assign all members of the group, the unassigned members are responsible for individually assigning themselves anytime after their group selection time but prior to April 11, 2014. Students can access the Academic Year 2014-2015 application via the Housing Forms channel at NYUHome.



In an effort to create more housing options for incoming and existing residents, ensure equity, and maximize use of available space, the University will actively seek to consolidate vacancies within the University Housing system. Students that are assigned to partially vacant rooms may be reassigned. This means that the hall, room, and/or roommates you select now may be changed if necessary for consolidation purposes. Consolidation may occur prior to check-in or during the academic year and students may be reassigned to other rooms, floors, or residence halls where necessary.



Students who are dissatisfied with their room selection may submit a Post Selection Room Change Request. Students must select a space in Phase 2 in order to be considered in the Post Selection Room Change process. The online room change form will be available on March 31, 2014 through May 16, 2014.

Important Updates

Room Selection is closed. Please click here for post selection information.


Schedule of Dates and Deadlines

(Dates are subject to change)

  • March 3 - 13, 2014
    Phase 1: Housing Reapplication open for eligible undergraduate students.
  • March 13, 2014
    $1000 nonrefundable/ nontransferable housing reservation payment and online application due.
  • March 24 - 28, 2014
    Room Preview: Learn more about your housing options by checking the online preview available on the housing portal.
  • March 31 - April 11, 2014
    Phase 2: Room Selection for students who submitted the online application and reservation payment required in Phase 1.


Selection Availablity Updates

The Room Selection process is now closed. Please click here for post selection information.

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