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Phase 1: Optional Special Interest and Group Registration

During Phase 1, students will also be able apply for Special Interest Housing, opt into Gender Neutral Housing, and/or create a Room Selection Group. These are optional and do not need to be completed to secure housing for the 2014-2015 academic year.



If you are interested in Special Interest Housing you will be able to submit a Special Interest Housing application during Phase 1.

If you are also registering a room selection group during Phase 1, please be aware that all members of the group must also apply for Special Interest Housing for your applications to be considered. If all members do not apply for Special Interest Housing, the entire group will not be considered for placement into any Special Interest Housing community.

Students accepted into Choices, Explorations, The Green House, The International House, The Residential College and The Senior House will be able participate in Phase 2: Room Selection. Students in these communities will only be able to select spaces allocated to these programs.

Students placed into Fraternity and Sorority Life communities will be contacted by the Office of Residential Life & Housing Services with specific information regarding room selection.


Special Interest Housing Communities

Location Community
Othmer Floor 17 Entrepreneur's Dormcubator
2nd St. Floor 03 Chinese Floor
7th St. Floor 02 & 03 Green House
13th St. All Floors Senior House
Broome All Floors Residential College
Carlyle 1 Floor 02 & 03 Serve the City
Carlyle 2 Floor 03 Pop Culture
Carlyle 3 Floor 02 & 03 Food For Thought
Coral Floor 03 CHOICES Coral
Coral Floor 12 Geek NYC
Coral Floor 15 Batter Up!
Gramercy Floor 02 Interfaith Service
Gramercy Floor 11 Laughing Matters
Gramercy Floor 16 & 17 Take Offs and Landings
Gramercy Floor 18 GG Theater Arts Company
Greenwich Floor 07 NYC in the 60s
Palladium Floor 04 CHOICES Palladium
Palladium Floor 05 NYU Athletics
Palladium Floor 06 NYU Athletics
Palladium Floor 09 NYC Spotlight
Palladium Floor 12 International House
Palladium Floor 12 Science and Technology
Lafayette Floor 09 Rainbow Roster


During this process, students may choose to form selection groups and/or select spaces without regard to legal sex by indicating a "gender neutral" preference. Students who choose option must meet certain requirements intended to maximize the housing options available to all students (i.e. all space in the room/suite must be assigned to students who indicate this preference or the room will default to a legal sex designation).



A group may contain 2 to 6 group members. Students who wish to register for room selection as a group should be aware of the following information:

  • Groups will submit one group name only. Up to 6 students can submit their names together as one group.
  • Group members must have the same gender assignment preference.
  • Group members must have the same Special Interest Housing preferences.
  • Students may only register as part of one group at a given time.
  • Only one person within the group will create the group name and password and thereby is designated the Group Leader (see specific information below). The Group Leader will be able to select for the group in Phase 2: Room Selection process.
  • Each member is responsible for adding themselves to the group created by the group leader. To add yourself to a group, you will need the group name and password, which should be provided by your group leader.
  • Students who wish to create a group with students with a different priority status, will have their priorities averaged. Therefore, a priority 1 student and a priority 3 student choosing to live together will enter room selection with a priority 2 group standing. All room selection group priority numbers will be between 1 and 3, but may not be a whole number.
  • All members of the group will receive the same selection time. If the Group Leader is unable to select a room for the entire group, each individual member may split from the group to select their own space.

Group Leader

The Group Leader is the person who creates a group for others to join. The Group Leader will be able to select for the group in Phase 2: Room Selection process. If the Group Leader is unable to select a room for the entire group, each individual member may split from the group to select their own space.

Before registering, groups should discuss whom they wish to assume the responsibility of being the group leader. Do not select a group leader who may be studying abroad for the Fall 2014 term.


Group Registration Trouble-Shooting

  1. Do all members of the group have the same gender assignment preference?
    Each group member should check the preference they indicated on the Assignment Preference step in the application. If all members' preferences are matching, the Group Leader should be able to verify the group.
  2. Do all members of the group have the same special interest preferences?
    Each group member should check the preferences they indicated on Special Interest Housing step in the application. If all four community preferences are matching between all members, the Group Leader should be able to verify the group. If not…
    1. Please keep in mind that leaving the community preferences as -Please Select- is not the same as indicating No Preference.
    2. If you have indicated any preference, you will not be able to reset the preferences to -Please Select-. You may use No Preference to "clear" your preferences but will need to make sure all of your group members have done the same.


Important Updates

Room Selection is closed. Please click here for post selection information.


Schedule of Dates and Deadlines

(Dates are subject to change)

  • March 3 - 13, 2014
    Phase 1: Housing Reapplication open for eligible undergraduate students.
  • March 13, 2014
    $1000 nonrefundable/ nontransferable housing reservation payment and online application due.
  • March 24 - 28, 2014
    Room Preview: Learn more about your housing options by checking the online preview available on the housing portal.
  • March 31 - April 11, 2014
    Phase 2: Room Selection for students who submitted the online application and reservation payment required in Phase 1.



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