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Setting Up Campus Cable

Step 1
  • Digital Cable Ready (QAM) Television
  • Coaxial Cable
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Note that our cable system may be temporarily affected during severe weather.

Step 2
  • Connect one end of coaxial cable to digital cable ready television
  • Connect the other end to in-room wall plate
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Tampering with the wall plate can result in electric shock or system outages. You will be held responsible for all repair costs.

Step 3
  • Access your television's setup menu
  • Choose "Auto Setup/Scan" from the menu to search for channels. If prompted, be sure to select CABLE, CATV, STD, or AUTO-DETECT. Campus Cable uses digital cable channels
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Not all setups are the same. Please consult your television's owners manual for proper setup of digital cable reception.

System Status Update

10/15/2014 - Today we reallocated RF channels on our system to improve reliability. This should not have any impact to the channels on your equipment. Some TV's may require you to simply go through (channel up) all of your channels to update. If not, please rescan your TV before booking a service request ticket.

Otherwise, our system is fully operational at this time. Please see our Troubleshooting/FAQ or Setting up Campus Cable page before requesting service.






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