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Leaves & Cancellations

The NYU Housing License is a commitment for both the Fall and Spring terms. The cancellation deadlines for the 2012-2013 academic year was June 27, 2012. Cancellation after the deadlines (June 27, 2012 for Fall term, and December 14, 2012 for new Spring term residents) is not permitted except for the following reasons:


A student who officially withdraws from the University will not be permitted to remain in housing. Students must present official documentation from their academic department to cancel their housing.Housing charges will be incurred up to the point of check-out.

December Graduation

Students graduating in December may cancel their housing for the Spring term. Students must provide documentation before the end of the Fall term validating a mid year commencement.

Leave of Absence

NYU expects its students to maintain continuous registration in an academic program with the exception of summer breaks. However, at times it is necessary or desirable for a student to take a leave from enrollment for a period of time. Such leaves may be voluntary or involuntary, and will be handled in accordance with the NYU Student Leave Policy. Students must also refer to the bulletins and websites of their specific schools or visit their schools administrative offices for additional information concerning the impact of a voluntary or involuntary leave and any additional requirements for a leave of absence.

For information about the University Student Leave Policy please click here

To cancel housing, due to an approved Leave of Absence, students must submit official documentation from their school. Housing charges will be incurred up to the point of check-out.

There are several types of Leaves of Absence, and it is important to note that not all allow a student to retain their housing guarantee.

Medical Leave

Students on Medical Leaves must receive clearance from TheUniversity Health Center before they can return to housing. Information and instructions about returning to housing will be sent to the home of a student on Medical Leave.

NYU Academic Leave

Students may receive approval from their school to study at other academic institutions. They must notify the Housing Office and provide official school documentation indicating their intent to return to housing.

NYU Study Abroad

Students must submit official documentation of acceptance to their study abroad program to maintain their renewable housing status. Once abroad, students will receive information and instructions at their Study Abroad site about returning to housing.

Personal Leave

Students who maintain matriculation, but are not enrolled may be approved for a personal leave. Students on a Personal Leave of Absence do not maintain their renewable housing status.

Non NYU Study Abroad

Students taking part in a study abroad program that is not part of the NYU curriculum do not maintain a renewable housing status.

To download the cancellation form.

Petition Release

Your signature on the Student Housing Application, submission of a"reapplication" or your acceptance of an assigned space or room key,signifies your agreement to and acceptance of all the terms of the Housing License.

This License binds you to housing for the entire Fall/Spring academic year. If an extraordinary and unforeseen circumstance exists and all avenues of resolution have been exhausted, a student may file a petition for release from the housing license. (Roommate conflicts,finding "preferable" housing, and/or not being assigned to your first choice accommodation are not valid reasons for release.)

This petition when submitted must include detailed official documentation supporting the claim, which will be reviewed by a committee. The petition process is often arduous and may require documentation from a variety of University offices. The documentation must validate that:

  • The situation has arisen since the submission of your housing application and after the housing cancellation deadlines noted in the calendar.
  • You have exhausted all resources to help resolve the situation.
  • The only solution to the situation is cancellation of your housing.

If the petition is approved, refunds will be prorated based upon the number of weeks lived in housing up to the effective date of the release, (even if you did not check into or you vacate University housing before the approved effective date). All students granted a petition release will only be eligible for future University housing through the Non Renewable Housing Application process.

If the petition is denied, students will continue to be responsible for all housing charges and obligations even if they check out of their assigned room.

To download the petition form.

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