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Res College Leadership Opportunities

Hall Government

Creating a hall-wide community through large-scale programs and events within each building is an important component of the Residential College experience. Hall Council helps create community standards and certain high-profile programs for the residence hall.  The Council’s leaders also represent the Res College community to the University as a whole through participation in Inter-Residence Hall Council.  Goddard and Broome each have their own Council.  In addition, these Hall Councils partner to administer the selection process for subsequent Residential College students and assist with the stream selection process.  Each Hall Council has several formal and informal leadership positions – and participation is open to everyone in the community.

Res College Getting Started Program

The Residential College Getting Started Program is a collaborative initiative among all residents. Upperclass students in Broome can sign up to serve as a buddy for one (or more, if they wish) of the incoming First-year students in Goddard.  First year students in Goddard can sign up to receive a Broome buddy; efforts will be made to match students by academic majors and personal interests.  The benefits of having a Residential College buddy include: guidance and support during the first year of transition to the Res College, NYU and NYC, an initial ‘friend’ to attend programs and socials, help with issues relating to professors, classes, and life at NYU. 

For upperclass buddies, this leadership role provides opportunities to give back to the Res College & NYU community, earn volunteer experience which can be added to a resume, develop leadership and mentorship skills, and provide a First-year student with the support needed for a successful transition.

Participation in the Residential College Getting Started Program is open to everyone in the community.

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