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Residential College Credit

Leadership Credit for Participating in the Residential College

Students in the Residential College get credit for their active and successful participation in the life of the community.  The Residential College experience will be reflected on the student’s transcript as a zero credit, pass/fail “Leadership Course” each semester that they live in the College.  This gives each participant tangible, recorded proof of their engagement in the community and of their personal development as a leader/scholar through the program (all highly preferred accomplishments of future applicants for graduate schools and prestigious awards and scholarships). While there are many perks to being in the Residential College, receiving credit for successfully committing to this experience is one of the most important rewards for this unique type of commitment.

How to “Pass” Residential College

In order to receive a passing grade for the Residential College, students have to be in “Good Standing” with the program.  What Good Standing means will vary slightly depending on whether you’re in Goddard or Broome; each community structures its requirements a little differently to meet the developmental needs of the students that reside in each building. 

In general for either Goddard or Broome, being in “Good Standing” means that a student is an active member of the Residential College community and regularly attends and participates in Stream programs and Faculty-Fellow events, in addition to general, more “social” (non-Stream) activities in the College.  Because the Residential College community places high value on giving back to the community, being in Good Standing also involves completing community service requirements.  To learn what the specific requirements are for Goddard and Broome, refer to your building's syllabus that was given to you by your RA at your first floor meeting (and emailed to you by the RHD at the beginning of the semester). If you need another copy of the syllabus, email the RHD:

Being in Good Standing at the end of each semester will result in a grade of “P” for Pass; not being in Good Standing will result in a grade of “F” for Fail.

Residential College students can supplement their “Good Standing” status by becoming actively involved in their building’s Hall Council or by otherwise being active and visible in Stream, Faculty-Fellow, and other hall programs/activities.  It’s easy, enjoyable, and rewarding to get involved, so in theory it should be easy for students to pass Residential College.

*Note, while exceeding minimum expectations and otherwise being very involved won’t impact your grade of “P,” it will affect your priority in the Residential College room selection process.

Who Does the Grading?

Students are evaluated by the faculty and staff of their Residential College building.  It’s important to emphasize getting to know the Faculty and Staff of the College; the better they know you, the more likely they can accurately and comprehensively evaluate your completion of requirements and overall contribution to the Residential College community.

Where did the Requirements Come From?

The requirements for passing Residential College are decided upon by a combination of the Faculty, Staff and students.  Student feedback plays an important role in determining what the requirements will be each year.  The student-run Hall Councils provide the forum for feedback on the requirements and grading process.  At the Residential College, student input is highly encouraged.  Students wishing to have a say in this, or other Residential College processes, should get involved with Hall Council.  


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