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The Residential College at Broome Street

 Welcome to the Residential College at Broome Street!

We’re excited that you’ll be with us for the upperclassman Residential College at NYU. The Broome Street Residential Life and Housing Services Staff, including Residence Hall Director Taris Mullins, Residence Hall Assistant Director Susan Huynh, Faculty Fellows in Residence Michael Ralph and Michelle Dent, our Faculty Affiliates, and all the RAs look forward to building a new kind of learning/living community in the coming years. Please take a moment to look over this brief overview of the Residential Colleges’s opening activities and larger principles and aims. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to send them via email over the coming weeks (

The Residential College at Broome Street has two principal aims: 1) To bring residents into closer intellectual and social contact with one another and with faculty and 2) To bring residents into a more intimate relationship with the surrounding city – including neighborhood communities, cultural institutions, and historic traditions.

To these ends, the Residential College will sponsor several types of programs: you’ll be invited to participate in and/or help develop them.  In addition to leading occasional outings for cultural events in the city at large, the Faculty Fellows in Residence will have a regular round of programs in the building to help facilitate relationships among residents. 

If you have ideas for any of these regular events – or would like to volunteer to lead a discussion or create an event on your own – please contact your RA! We’re interested in generating a diverse set of in-building programs based on your interests.

Engagement Streams

In addition to these general programs, each resident will be assigned to a specific programming “stream” according to their expressed interests (see the drop down menu to the right for Broome Stream descriptions).

Your stream will serve as a home base for your participation in the community, introducing you to residents and Faculty Affiliates throughout the Residential College who share your core interests. You’re encouraged, though, to participate in as many activities as appeal to you, regardless of the stream from which it originates. If you have particular ideas for programming in your stream, contact the Faculty Fellows over the summer!


You’re also invited to participate in BEAST Hall Council.  This student-run board offers excellent programming resources and hosts large scale events for the Residential College community.

The Residential College also sponsors a blog, with regular contributions from residents and RAs. If you’re interested in writing for the blog (food and concert reviews, accounts of activities, opinion pieces), contact RHD Taris Mullins.  Our building blog is hosted at, where you can always find out the latest happenings at Broome Residential College.

 Again, we’re looking forward to meeting you in the fall and glad you’ll be a member of our Residential College!

   -  The Broome Street Res College Faculty and Staff

Broome Street Front

Eating is only a tiny part of this scrumptious stream. From obesity to malnutrition, food deserts to cornucopias, haute cuisine to farmer’s markets, we will explore the role food serves in culture and society. Stream events may include volunteering at sustainable farm operations, shopping at local farmer’s markets to create meals, lessons in sushi-making and cookie decorating, and so much more.
This stream, as a continuation of Goddard’s wildly popular “All the World’s A Stage,” will immerse students in the many forms of performance available in New York City. Stream events may include trips to the Bowery Poetry Club, audition workshops, and attending live performances both on and off the NYU campus.
Listen, do you hear that? What does NYC sound like? Let’s push the boundaries of what the concept of “sound” actually means. Together --through mediums like theatre, dance, art, film, and music – we will redefine our audio-urban experience in a city like no other.
Have you ever wondered why something works the way it does? Or maybe you’re just interested in learning about the next BIG thing? Explore the science of New York and map this living laboratory through a lens you could never have imagined. From tours to Google to museums this stream will immerse you in the scientific wonderland that is New York City.
Explore the idea of sustainability in a way you never imagined. This stream will look well beyond reduce, reuse, recycle, and consider sustainability in terms of the environment, political movements, economic philosophies, and self-exploration to name a few. Exploration is the name of this process and you won’t want to miss out on the countless experiences students will share.
Global Affairs
Are you a CNN junkie? Or maybe NPR, Fox, or MSNBC is more your flair. Then this is the stream for you. We will reframe the geopolitical landscape that impacts our daily lives and the generations to come. From engaging political debates to conversations about global political movements and currents that are unfolding before our eyes. In the ever-changing world we live in this stream will be a wild ride that can change in literally the blink of an eye.
Urban Adventure
Students in this stream are signing up for a year of urban adventuring! Most of our quests will take us to the outer boroughs of NYC and the hidden gems few students see. Learn to fly the trapeze, walk the length of Manhattan, and prepare to step outside your boundaries to experience New York like you never have before.

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