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International House

The International House at NYU is an initiative that intentionally places students into a community where living and learning is dynamic and constant. Both international and domestic students are invited to apply for this program, so that students from all nationalities may come together and learn from one another through meaningful exchanges and interactions. This living learning community will focus on citizen diplomacy across the city and the world. We understand that making connections to other students is a critical component of any student's experience, but particularly for students visiting from another country for one semester, year, or multiple years. For American students, the International House is a phenomenal opportunity to participate in mulitcultural programs and social interactions with students from all over the world. Students who plan on studying abroad, or who are returning from abroad, are especially encouraged to apply! 

The International House will reside in Palladium Hall. With close proximity to the multipurpose and seminar rooms for a global speaker series to large common spaces, we are excited that Palladium will host this amazing community. The International House is one of the best ways to connect to other international students and complement your incredible academic experience at NYU. You will also have a resident assistant (RA) who is specially selected and trained to assist international students throughout their transition to and immersion in the United States and New York University. This RA is a junior or senior student leader who lives in the community and provides a wide range of social and intellectual programs, as well as individual assistance for any issues that may arise during your time in the International House. You will also have a faculty member designated for the floor (Faculty Affiliate). The faculty affiliate and resident assistant will collaboratively plan events and activities around the multicultural issues of New York City. 

The International House will also collaborate with R.I.S.E. (Residential International Student Engagement). Through events and programs, R.I.S.E provides an opportunity for foreign and domestic students at NYU to engage in citizen diplomacy, which is the fostering of global awareness, understanding, and cooperation through the exchange of ideas, stories, shared experiences, challenging dialogue, and intellectual growth. The goal of R.I.S.E. is to help international students experience a smooth transition into the United States by providing opportunities for peer interaction, assisting with assimilation to U.S. society, and helping students stay linked to their own culture while still connecting to the greater NYU community and New York City.

The International House is an exciting living learning community in which we hope you will become involved! Institutions across the country are recognizing the importance of creating and maintaining collaborative learning communities that cross traditional campus boundaries between the formal classroom and the residential setting. Research repeatedly supports that the degree to which a student persists and succeeds in a university setting is directly related to the establishment of a community and culture of learning across the campus. The Office of Residential Life and Housing Services recognizes that a student's learning is an on-going process, not bounded by the confines of traditional class time and space, and realizes that the array of experiences outside of the traditional classroom are a haven for the application of classroom theory, experiential learning, and life skill development. 

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How do I apply for I-House?

Incoming students may access the I-House application through the NYU Housing application (available through NYUHome: Housing Forms).

When will I find out if I was placed in I-House?

You will receive an e-mail with your I-House community placement information no later than March 25, 2014. You will select your room through the online room selection process beginning March 31 through April 11, 2014.





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