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Explorations Program

The Explorations program consists of a network of theme-based floors that intentionally place students into a community where living and learning is dynamic and constant. NYU has specialized Explorations communities in both the FYRE (First Year Residential Experience) and upper-class halls.

The theme in each community is explored through programs and activities which are planned by the Resident Assistant (RA), a Faculty Affiliate, and the residents on the floor.   

Institutions across the country are recognizing the importance of creating and maintaining collaborative learning communities that cross traditional campus boundaries between the formal classroom and the residential setting. Research repeatedly supports that the degree to which a student persists and succeeds in a university setting is directly related to the establishment of a community and culture of learning across the campus.

NYU students indicate the Explorations program helps them connect with the University and each other quickly and meaningfully.  As compared to other on campus students, Explorations participants reported that they were more likely to:

  • Have higher satisfaction with the programming offered in the residence halls
  • Have an easier time integrating to college
  • Connect quickly with faculty and staff on campus
  • Have an easier time meeting other students
  • Be satisfied with the room assignments process
  • Feel that living on campus enhanced their academic performance

How do I apply for an Explorations community?


Returning and Incoming students may access the Explorations application through the NYU Housing (re) application (available through NYUHome: Housing Forms).

After submitting  information, there are a few additional questions you will be asked regarding your interest in particular Explorations themes.

To learn more about the re-application process for upperclass students please click here.


What communities are available?

3N Theatre Arts Company // Third North

New York City is arguably the greatest theatre city in the world, so let’s make a contribution! Join this community, and be a theatre maker. 3NTAC community members will see theatre productions together, learn about the process of making theatre, and even get the opportunity to produce performances in the residence hall! Activities will include public play readings, field trips to see plays and musicals, a 24-hour original play festival, meetings with working artists, and original 3NTAC productions. This community is open to all students regardless of school or major, so join us and become part of the New York theatre scene!

Aperture: NYC Through the Lens // Third North

As part of the Aperture community, you will be encouraged to explore the many ways in which your identity and your New York story can be expressed through photography. From black and white film to digital images, you and your peers will investigate exhibits, galleries, subways and city streets while creating a portfolio depicting your first year at NYU. Through a supportive community of twenty fellow photo-buffs, you will have the opportunity to share techniques, learn more about your camera, and get out into the city. You will have access to university resources like Photoshop, through which you can further experiment and learn about various photography editing techniques. Capture your vision of the city by going on field trips to iconic sites like the Brooklyn Bridge and Times Square. Aperture residents are encouraged to exhibit their photographs for one month in the Third North atrium. This floor is a phenomenal opportunity for advanced photographers and for beginners alike, whether you are handy with a SLR camera or just your camera-phone. No experience with photography is necessary but a sincere interest is encouraged.

Artists in Development // Founders Hall

Artists In Development is about personal growth, extending social and business networks and developing technique in the art world of New York City. It is a community in which serious like-minded persons interested in any art form (dance, film, photography, drama, etc.) get together and collaborate, share information and helpful tips about the “biz”, participate in fun workshops around the city, and produce a showcase at the end of the semester.

Big Apple, Big Screen // Brittany Hall

With filmmakers like Cassavetes and NYU alumni Martin Scorsese and Spike Lee working its streets, New York City has developed a rich history in cinema, and it remains a capital of the big screen. Big Apple, Big Screen will feature visits to neighborhood cinemas all over Manhattan, from the Magic Johnson on 125th to the Screening Room in Tribeca, in the two-fold effort to keep current with cinema and current with New York City. Discussions about cinema in general films in particular will take place over dinners or double espressos. In addition, students will get the unique opportunity to plan and curate a “Filmathon” for the NYU community during the Spring semester.

Contemporary Currents // Rubin Hall

Calling all first-year students who care about changing the status quo! The Contemporary Currents floor will be your one-way ticket to learning all about and engaging in social-justice-related issues around the world. Not only will you get the chance to hone your civic leadership skills by partaking in forums, workshops, lectures, and panels in NYC, but you will also receive the support you need to jump-start your very own service project idea. Essentially, what this floor is about can be summed up in two words: education and intervention. In other words, educate yourself, and then get involved!

Cool Science // Weinstein

Science provides a way to understand ourselves and the world in which we live. It allows us to peer at the most distance galaxies, and to study molecular changes within our cells. It provides powerful tools to cure disease and harvest new sources of energy. Yet it also raises ethical questions about the appropriate use of the new knowledge we gain. This Explorations floor is offered for all students who are interested in science. We welcome science majors, pre-medical students, and anyone who is curious about life and the cosmos. We will visit important scientific institutions in New York, including the American Museum of Natural History and the New York Academy of Sciences. We will learn about cutting-edge science research through lectures by NYU faculty. We will examine how science and scientists are represented in movies, plays, TV, and literature. As a service to our local community, we will also partner with schools to offer math and science tutoring.

Culture, Arts and The City // Third North & Othmer

In this explorations community, students will learn to consider the cultures of New York City through a variety of artistic media and representations. By exploring the cultures of the city through its manifold artistic expressions (e.g., film, theater, museum exhibits and the culinary arts), residents will simultaneously deepen their knowledge of its various communities and learn to think about urban experience as a socially and culturally embedded phenomenon. Whether viewing a classic film about racial tensions in a multi-ethnic neighborhood in Brooklyn or learning about the history of immigrant communities through food and the culinary arts, residents will be encouraged to think about cities as sites of local and global exchange and possibility. Special emphasis will be placed on how urban experience and artistic representation can prompt us to become more critical and informed citizens of New York—and the world.

Enterprising the Artist // Rubin Hall

Enterprising the Artist is a community for those interested in both the performance and production side of the arts. This community is for anyone interested in the arts (dance, film, photography, drama, music, poetry, spoken-word, creative writing, etc.). Students will come together to both attend performances and have opportunities to explore the behind the scenes production and business of the industry.

F.A.M.E. (Featuring All Musical Endeavors) // Brittany Hall

Ever wonder what the Eagles meant by in a “New York Minute” or why the Beastie Boys crooned “No Sleep ‘till Brooklyn?” From rock to classical, New York City is the center for emerging musical talent. Whether you’re a cool cat, rock idol, or classicist, come and explore the evolution of musical dynamics, styles, and appreciation from concert halls to recording studios and historical venues. What musical craze will you discover? Emphasis will be placed not only on external sources of musical influence, but also on student expression and musical talent. All genres of music will be explored from Punk to Classical, Hip Hop to Reggae, and Rock to Jazz. From C.B.G.Bs to the Blue Note, to Carnegie Hall and MTV, we will explore the musical movements, examine emerging trends, and share our appreciation of music with others. No formal musical training is necessary to participate in this community, but residents should have an active interest in musical expression and appreciation and a desire to be challenged in expanding their musical preferences.

Fashion in New York City // Rubin Hall

The excitement of New York City is palpable, and one thing that thrives in this fast pace environment is the fashion world. There are a plethora of opportunities that only NYC can offer to a budding fashionista/fashionisto who is interested in this industry. The wide array of New York's fashion activities -- from museum and gallery exhibitions, to designer discussions, to vintage shopping -- can create a stable foundation of knowledge that will be forever helpful regardless of one's final destination. Fashion is a cumulative organism, constantly referencing its past history, as well as its cultural history (ranging from music, to cinema, to political climate), and adapting to its present time. The Fashion In New York City explorations floor will seek out opportunities to learn, explore, and experience the wonderful world of Fashion that exists and has existed in the city. We will discuss various moments in time that have had a major impact in fashion and how the industry has changed from it. This floor will provide a home for all of those who are interested regardless of one's fashion "profession." Bloggers, photographers, models, designers, buyers, entrepreneurial spirits, or simply those who are interested will find a safe community here.

French Floor // Hayden Hall

This Explorations community provides participants the opportunity to live with a group of friends who share a common passion for both the French language and the vast array of Francophone cultures found worldwide, almost all of which have representative communities here in New York City. The group, which is open to speakers of all levels of French, from beginning to advanced, will take advantage of the wide-range of French-language activities and events in the city, from cinema, theatre, and concerts to conferences, exhibits, and festivals, from New York University’s own cultural showcase, La Maison Française, to Brooklyn’s Little Haiti.

Geeks in the City // University Hall

Geeks in the City calls forth for those who have what some people call "geek interests" but what we personally think of as "awesome interests". From TV shows about Time Lords and Targaryens to our favorite books and movies in sci-fi and fantasy realms, and everything that art and entertainment has to offer in between, this floor is for people who are passionate about their geeky interests. New York City is a hub of activity for this subculture, and we will take advantage of it by attending midnight screenings and premiers, hosting TV marathons and book clubs, maybe attending a day of Comic Con and exploring the city for its own hidden geek hubs. Assemble!

Healthy Living in NYC // Weinstein

Are you interested in sports? Looking to eat healthy in New York City and at home? The Healthy Living floor is designed for students who want to be physically active, stress-free, and healthy! From football or yoga in Central Park to watching a Knicks game or running along the Hudson River, if you want to learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, find other athletes at NYU, and participate in fun activities both in NYC and out, the Healthy Living floor is right for you!

Hidden History of NYC // University Hall

The Statue of Liberty. Central Park. Broadway. The Empire State Building. These landmarks attract millions of tourists each year and have come to represent NYC in the eyes of the world. But behind each of these landmarks is a history; a history full of people and events that have defined not only the city itself, but the United States and even the world. As part of the Hidden History NYC community, you will visit major landmarks, as well as places off the beaten bath, and explore how NYC evolved from a small Dutch trading outpost to a key global metropolis. With a group of peers and faculty, you will explore the people and places that have shaped New York, from Revolutionary War forts to Broadway theaters to restaurants in ethnic neighborhoods. The history of New York City is rich, diverse, and exciting, and through Hidden History NYC, you’ll experience first hand what makes New York one of the world’s most fascinating cities.

Laughing Matters // Weinstein Hall

Get ready to laugh out loud with a group of hilarious students who love to laugh and learn about New York City comedy by experiencing it first-hand. From stand-up comedy to improvisation to Broadway shows, students will learn about the craft of comedy and how it plays into the life of a student at NYU. Previous events have included Sarah Silverman, Kathy Griffin, Demetri Martin, Avenue Q, Matilda on Broadway, a fully improvised musical, and a live taping of The Daily Show.  Students are not required to be funny; they just need to love to laugh.

The Meaning of Food // Brittany Hall

Based on the PBS Documentary Series of the same name, The Meaning of Food is an exploration of culture through food. What we consume, how we acquire it, who prepares it, who’s at the table, and who eats first is a form of communication that is rich with meaning. This explorations floor will introduce students to diverse cultures utilizing food and restaurants throughout New York City. Food will be explored through three lenses: food and life; food and family; and food and culture. Beyond merely nourishing the body, what we eat and with whom we eat can inspire and strengthen the bonds between individuals, communities and even countries. Residents will be able to discover attitudes, practices and rituals surrounding food. In addition to exploring restaurants in NYC, residents will watch documentary films, read common literature and participate in community service opportunities that will allow residents to give to those who lack their own food resources.

Media Revolution NYC // Founders Hall

(MRNYC) is a community designed for motivated students wishing to immerse themselves in a climate of creativity and content creation. With New York City as the focus, participants will be encouraged to develop and create projects that capture their experience as a first year New Yorker. Aspiring journalists, filmmakers, storytellers, photographers, web designers, and other creative minds will be provided an opportunity to collaborate on projects, receive advice and feedback from industry professionals, and showcase their work for the residence hall community. Through ongoing programming, the community will also explore various mechanisms for mass (as well as viral) media distribution such as film, print, television, and web. Through participation in this community, students will not only gain insight into a rapidly evolving industry but also have the opportunity to actually shape and influence it by creating their own content and making their mark on the global media landscape.

NYU CORPS (Community Outreach Performing Service) // Founders Hall

What does it mean to be the change you want to see? What does it look like to truly give? And, what does it take to make a resolve an epidemic? NYU Community Outreach Performing Service (CORPS) aims to answer these questions with a focus on service immersion and humanitarian studies. Students within this community will actively discuss, partake, program, and converse on humanitarian issues, such as poverty, oppression, and international politics, as they affect New York City. Students will have the opportunity, through numerous different options, to actively serve within the community. Lastly, though not a requirement, students will have the opportunity to partake in a domestic or international service immersion trip with fellow community members during Spring Break of the Spring semester. The exact site is to be determined among the community during the Fall semester.

NYU Show // Hayden Hall

Are you friends with that all-American appliance: the television? As you sit in front of your TV do you ever wonder about the work behind the screen? The Daily Show. Upright Citizens Brigade. Conan O’Brien. The View. With so many possibilities in New York City, we’re bound to get you behind the scenes of one of them. While you’re there, consider: how does TV influence our society. In turn, you will shape the NYU community by producing 'In the Hall' - the official television program of our residence halls. Join our crew and discover the many channels of New York City.

Spanish Language Floor // Hayden Hall

This Explorations community is being offered as an exciting partnership between Residential Life and the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Literatures. Participants are given the opportunity to live with a group of friends who share a common passion for the languages and cultures of Spain and Latin America and related cultures, which have representative communities here in New York City. The group, which is open to speakers of all levels of Spanish, from beginning to advanced, will take advantage of the wide-range of Spanish-language activities and events in the city, from cinema, theatre, poetry slams and concerts to conferences, exhibits, festivals, and restaurants, from New York University’s own Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies and its King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center to a number of unique New York City resources, such as the Instituto Cervantes, the Hispanic Society of America, the Museo del Barrio, the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, and the Repertorio Español. At the same time, this Explorations community will place a focus on Spanish language by organizing sessions conducted in Spanish that will help the community prepare, expand and reflect on the activities in which it engages in the City.

Transfer Floor // Lafayette Hall

Join the inaugural year for the Transfer Explorations Community at NYU. This community will bring together students who have transferred to NYU and assist with navigating life at the university and in the city. With seminars from campus partners, extra academic advising, and additional faculty leadership the Transfer Explorations Community is the ideal location to help with your first-year at NYU.  

Women in Engineering, Science, Technology and Math // Othmer Hall

The Women in Engineering, Science, Technology, and Math Explorations community at NYU was created to offer women students a strong support system to reinforce their positive experiences as a STEM student.  The community will foster engagement in the world of STEM and help women students to build relationships with other women in STEM.  The community will offer opportunities to network with successful alumnae and senior women students, participate in social functions, attend events and activities tied to women and STEM, and get involved in community service.

Batter Up! // Coral Tower

The crack of the bat, the bounce of the ball, the swish of the net: the sounds of sport echo throughout the city. The wide array of New York sports – from baseball to soccer to roller derby – has a rich and unique history, deeply interwoven in New York culture. From the 27 world championships boasted by the New York Yankees, to the illustrious New York Marathon, and the rising popularity of the New York Red Bulls soccer team, the city has much to offer in terms of unique sports and events. The Batter Up Exploration Floor will delve into the nonpareil history through trips to places such as the National Sports Museum and the New York Sports Museum & Hall. We will also tour iconic arenas like Yankee Stadium and Madison Square Garden, which form an indelible part of NYC sport history. Through these outings, we aim to foster community and bonding experiences. So come join us in exploring the history of New York sports—batter up!

Chinese Floor // Second Street

This Explorations community is being offered as an exciting partnership between Residential Life and the department of East Asian Studies. Participants are given the opportunity to live with a group of friends who share a common passion for both the Chinese language and the vast array of Asian cultures found worldwide. The group, which is open to speakers of all levels of Chinese, from beginning to advanced, will take advantage of the wide-range of Chinese-language activities and events in the city, from cinema, theatre, and concerts to conferences, exhibits, and festivals.

Entrepreneur’s Link // Clark Street

We are a community of student-entrepreneurs, who seek to foster a culture of collaboration and mentorship to help students turn their bursts of genius into something tangible. Students live and engage with peers that share ideas, resources, and innovative approaches to problem solving. Entrepreneurship will be interpreted broadly, and will be inclusive of students across the curricular spectrum - arts, humanities, sciences, and business. We host activities to encourage students to develop and pursue entrepreneurial ventures in areas related to their academic pursuits. Students have access to resources to help them identify practical applications to current issues, problems, and needs. In addition, sponsored activities will include events such as a speaker series with alumni entrepreneurs and other members of our entrepreneurship community, training workshops focused on relevant skills, and field trips to connect with the broader startup community in NYC. While outcomes could lead to designs for products or services with commercial potential, the primary emphasis of this community is to share knowledge to create value in the lives of others.

Food for Thought // Carlyle Court

For students away from home, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be both a challenge and an exciting opportunity. New York City offers a vast range of choices for exploring the subject of health and nutrition from markets, restaurants and cooking schools catering to macrobiotic, organic, vegan, and raw foodist lifestyles to clubs and communities committed to activities such as meditation, yoga, running, hiking, and kayaking on the Hudson, to name only a few. In addition to pursuing the more practical aspects of healthy living, our community will approach the subject of health as an intellectual field of research as well, interrogating some of its broader historical, political, and cultural implications, by hosting a series of lectures, screening documentary films as well as other activities. We may also explore developing a relationship between a local farmer and our residence hall community through a program called "community supported agriculture," which brings local, seasonal, and organic produce into our community. Through participation in this community, students will discover the many personal and social benefits that come from maintaining a healthy lifestyle both in mind and body.

Geek NYC // Coral Tower

Looking for a community that celebrates your inner geek?  Geek NYC is a floor that celebrates people with all sorts of "nerdy" interests, particularly those in science fiction and fantasy. We will discover this often-underrated side of New York City, and explore all it has to offer.  This may include programs such as signings, movie screenings, and perhaps a day or two at New York Comic Con.  All humans welcome, as well as Time Lords, Dothraki, Hobbits, and Jedi Knights, among many other fictional races and species.

Gramercy Green Theatre Arts Company // Gramercy Green

Gramercy Green Theatre Arts Company is designed as an upperclass continuation of 3NTAC (Third North Theatre Arts Company). This community is a great home for theatre makers and viewers alike.  It is a floor where the arts  thrive and are supported. This is a community where upperclassmen theatre aficionados can live, learn, and work in.  GGTAC community members will see theatre productions together, learn about the process of making theatre, and even get the opportunity to produce performances in the residence hall! Activities may include public play readings, trips to see plays and musicals, a 24-hour original play festival, meetings with working artists, and original GGTAC productions. This community is open to all students regardless of school or major, so join us and become part of the New York theatre scene!

Green House // Seventh Street

The Green House at NYU is a new residential initiative that intentionally places students into a community where living and learning is dynamic and constant. The focus of this living learning community is to provide an alternative living option that is supportive of a greener student lifestyle, while maintaining opportunities to connect with other students in a community living environment.

International House // Palladium Hall Special Interest Suites

The International House at NYU is an initiative that intentionally places students into a community where living and learning is dynamic and constant. Both international and domestic students are encouraged to apply for this program, so that students from all nationalities may come together and learn from one another through meaningful exchanges and interactions. This living learning community will focus on citizen diplomacy across the city and the world. We understand that making connections to other students is a critical component of any student's experience, but particularly for students visiting from another country for one semester, year, or multiple years. For students from the United States, the International House is a phenomenal opportunity to participate in multicultural programs and social interactions with students from all over the world. Students who plan on studying abroad, or who are returning from abroad, are especially encouraged to apply!

Laughing Matters 2 // Gramercy Green

This community is inspired by laughter and will offer everything comedy related! This floor will cater to everyone's comedy likes - from sketch to stand-up - by organizing weekly events to the countless local comedy clubs around the city, most within walking distance from the University! This is a great way to meet people who love comedy as well as meet others in the comedy community. Comedy lovers are sprouting up everywhere and this is a great way to meet people to collaborate with as well as polish your comedic skills.  If you want to meet people who love comedy as well as meet others in the comedy community, then this is the floor for you!

NYC in the 60s // Greenwich Hall

The 1960's was a groundbreaking era for many subcultures and movements in America. As the largest city in the country, New York acted as a center for change during this time. The city was host to such people and events as Andy Warhol, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, The Stonewall Inn Riots, demonstrations against the Vietnam War, the Great Blackout, and the founding of the Mets baseball team. The influences of the '60s still affect the city today, and traces of this decade can be found especially around NYU.  Join this community for the opportunity to explore and learn more about this influential time in our dynamic city.

NYC Spotlight // Palladium Hall

Do you find yourself captivated by the stunning performances only found in the big apple? Join this floor to unravel the rich culture of New York's entertainment scene. From local music festivals to Broadway theatre spectacles, join us in delving into the city's artistic cornucopia. Come enjoy a broad range of music, film, and theatre; three of the main aspects that make NYC thrive. These are some of the main reasons that people come to the city - both to enjoy them and produce them. Take advantage of what the heart of the city has to offer. Perhaps you will see a concert at Lincoln Center, talk with an esteemed film director, or catch a Broadway show on the weekend. The possibilities are endless!

The Rainbow Roster: An LGBTQ and Ally Community // Lafayette Hall

The Rainbow Roster is designed for residents committed to community service and cultural development within the LGBTQ and Ally community. All are welcome, so long as they share a passion for the civil rights of all individuals, particularly historically under-represented populations. As a member of the Rainbow Roster, residents will learn about the rich lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer history that is unique to New York City. We will go on cultural outings around the boroughs, including Gay Men's Chorus concerts, musicals and plays, and film events. We will also go out into the community and work on service projects with organizations such as The Trevor Project, the Ali Forney Center, and the LGBT Community Center. The Rainbow Roster is a safe, accepting, and exciting community where residents can become more self-aware, community-conscious, and open-minded.

Science and Technology in the 21st Century // Palladium Hall

We are all witnessing tremendous advancements in the sciences--advancements that create societal benefits, conflicts, and contradictions. The genomes of many organisms have been sequenced, allowing us to decipher information encoded in their DNA in an unprecedented way. Will this lead to better medical treatments, or will it provide the means to create and organize new forms of bioterrorist weaponry? The World Wide Web has linked the continents, escalating communication and globalization. Will this catalyze societal homogenization in a desirable or undesirable way? Here at the onset of this centenary, the Science and Technology in the 21st Century community will explore current scientific and technological explorations, emphasizing the future prospects for change that discoveries in these areas will elicit. You will approach science and technologies not only from the vantage points of biology, chemistry, physics, math and computer, but also study their interface with law, business, economics, and the arts. And, New York City will be your laboratory!

Senior House // West 13th Street

The 13th Street Residence Hall has been selected as the location for Senior House, a smaller hall designed to provide more opportunity to know your neighbors and build better relationships. At the Senior House, you will experience hallmarks such as trips to the surrounding boroughs, personalized career services from the Wasserman Center, resources for thesis work such as an onsite copy machine, unique links to the Senior Class Council, and the Senior Year themed programming. We expect that students will not only build community within the Senior House, but also be able to have a capstone experience to make the Senior Year their best year yet at NYU!

Serve the City // Coral Tower

Serve the City is a community designed for upperclassmen who are passionate about community service and interested in humanitarian issues. We will participate in service projects throughout New York City's five boroughs as well as host documentary screenings and discussions about various service related topics. If interested, residents on this floor will have the opportunity to suggest and program their own service projects. Although Serve the City will be focused on building a tight-knit floor community, we will also occasionally reach out to other hall residents by inviting them to serve with us. During the fall semester, community members will discuss participating in either a domestic or international service trip over spring break.

Spirituality in NYC // Gramercy Green

Break out of your comfort zone. Engage with people of different faiths and backgrounds. Working with Faculty Affiliates Rabbi Yehuda Sarna and Imam Khalid Latif, you will meet leaders on the cutting edge of the spiritual landscape of NYC, visit global institutions such as the United Nations, and get trained in cross-faith bridge-building competencies. Open to everyone – you do not have to be an active member of any religion to be a part of this Explorations community.

Take-Offs and Landings // Gramercy Green

As NYU moves closer toward becoming a global network of campuses, we need to provide opportunities for students to connect with other students who are about to go abroad and those for those students who have recently returned. This floor would be a place for students to connect with the global network in both social and educational ways. Students will be able to participate in programming that is directly related to both study abroad sites and the very act of travel and studying abroad. For example, members might attend a performance of Argentine Tango Off-Broadway followed by a meal of empanadas prepared by a student who has recently returned from Buenos Aires. The after-performance discussion might take place while enjoying the empanadas and hearing a lecture/ slide show from a returning student. Other activities might include connecting with the travel bookshop Idlewild Books or bringing in travel experts to discuss things like staying connected while abroad or how to set up a Flickr account to store and organize all of your photos. I would be interested in bringing in experts from the health center to talk about specific issues related to health and safety while studying abroad.

Transfer Floor // Lafayette Hall

Join the inaugural year for the Transfer Explorations Community at NYU. This community will be comprised of transfer students in their first, second, and third years at NYU, offering opportunities to learn from each others' experiences and explore new facets of NYC together. Academic-related offerings will include optional seminars from campus partners, the opportunity for extra academic advising, and dedicated faculty leadership. The Transfer Explorations Community is the ideal location to base your second or third year in the NYU community.


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