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Faculty Programs

Institutions across the country are recognizing the importance of creating and maintaining collaborative learning communities that cross traditional campus boundaries between the formal classroom and the residential setting. Universities are recognizing that a student’s learning is an on-going process, not bounded by the confines of traditional class time and space, and the array of experiences outside of the traditional classroom are a haven for the application of classroom theory, experiential learning, and life skill development. 

At NYU, we have developed a number of structural programs to promote student and faculty interaction outside of the classroom. Each program intends to create the opportunity for faculty and students to share meaningful time and engaging with one another over fun and often intellectual topics. Each program is described in detail by clicking on the links below.

Faculty Affiliates 

Faculty Fellows in Residence

Visiting Faculty Program

Faculty Friends


Research has consistently shown the benefits of faculty and student interaction:

Faculty interaction outside of the classroom is directly linked to student retention, enhanced learning, and increased social and intellectual development.

After having interaction outside of the classroom with faculty, students have been shown to participate more in class discussions, have more satisfaction with their classes, have a greater appreciation of the arts, spend more time in group study, and become more involved in the life of the campus.

Development of smaller communities of students within the larger school community through shared experiences in programming, discussion, dining, and casual interaction.

Serves as a way to bridge the gap between classroom and living experiences.

Students have the opportunity to make contact with Faculty which can assist them in their own academic or personal development. 

Informal faculty/student contact has a positive effect on college student's personal and intellectual development.  Students tend to have great success and satisfaction in college if they have had significant interaction with faculty.

Students will eventually need a reference letter or a connection from a faculty member.

Faculty have expertise to share on a variety of areas which can help promote the goals of the Office of Residential Life and Housing Services.

Faculty involvement with students in the residential environment can enhance their work as educators.  Many faculty don’t have avenues to truly get to know and mentor their students. Their interactions with students outside of the classroom can inform teaching techniques and improve teaching effectiveness.

If you would like to get more information about these programs, please contact the Academic Development Team within Residential Life and Housing Services via email or by calling us at 212-998-4600.

Kerri Smith, Assistant Director

Kerri Smith, Ed.D.

Assistant Director,       Faculty Programs

Christie Meno, Program Administrator

Christie Meno, M.Ed.

Program Administrator, Faculty Programs

Erin Carlisle, Graduate Assistant

Erin Carlisle

Graduate Assistant, Academic Development

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