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NYU Campus Dining Information

All residents assigned to traditional style residence halls (Brittany, Founders, Goddard, Othmer (traditional only), Rubin, & Weinstein Halls) are required to maintain a minimum of 225 flex meals per semester. All first year residents assigned to apartment style residence halls (Clark, Othmer, Third North, Palladium, UHall) are required to maintain a minimum of 113 flex meals per semester. Freshmen or first year students who live in NYU Housing are required to maintain a minimum meal plan during the license period regardless of hall placement. Upperclassmen are not required to maintain a meal plan, but may opt in if they choose.

All meal plans are a two-part package combining a "meal allowance" with "dining dollars". Meal allowance reflects the number of meals you eat each semester. Each time you enter the dining room, one meal is subtracted from your account. Unused meals in "flex" memberships do not carry over semester to semester. Dining Dollars are accepted as cash in all dining locations. They work on the same principle as debit cards and can be used to purchase beverages, snacks, or full meals.

Students enrolled in a meal plan use their NYUCard as their dining card.

Following the meal plan cancellation/change deadline, students may add dining dollars by logging onto or by accessing the housing forms page. Charges for additional dining dollars are added on to students' Bursar accounts. Unused dining dollars and meals are nonrefundable. Meal plan changes and cancellation requests may only be made by submitting the online form

For more information about meal plan features including hours of operation and cancellation/change deadlines please refer to the Dining Services website at

Third North cafeteria

NYU Dining Guide

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Sign Up!

Residential students who wish to sign up for a meal plan or add dining dollars to their account may do so through the Meal Plan Form

Non-Residential students can sign up for a meal plan through the NYU Dining Services website.

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NYU Dining is provided through a contractual arrangement with the Aramark Corporation.  

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