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Living with Roommates

Living with a roommate can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your college career. Whether you find a new hobby, learn a new skill, or become good friends, living with a roommate can be fun! However, living with someone also has its challenges. As you prepare for your search for a roommate, consider some of the advice we have provided below.

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Roommate Expectations

Please keep in mind that everyone has different beliefs, values, experiences, communication styles, and expectations. With that being said, you and your roommate may become the best of friends, or you may only see each other when you’re in your room. No matter how close you are, you have to work together to establish and maintain a positive living environment. Having the right attitude can make living with a roommate a little easier for everyone living in the room. The most important elements of living with a roommate include:

As soon as you get settled into your room, you should discuss your expectations honestly. The biggest conflicts often arise when expectations are not addressed from the beginning. Don’t put off talking to each other about how you want to live, needs, quirks, and pet peeves. It's a great way to help manage conflict in the future.

Speaking openly about what you expect from each other and your personal habits is a vital step that many people skip especially if living with a friend or someone you already know. It's pretty common for roommates to think that if they get along well as friends, they will get along as roommates, however, often living with friends and not discussing the things that might bother one another, can cause tension.

Living off campus, means you are pretty much on your own to work out problems with your roommate -- unlike the residence hall where you might have an RA to help you resolve and mediate problems. Just like any relationship, it's always a work in progress. But talking to one another, being honest about feelings, and developing a relationship that involves sharing, compromise, and respect will insure that you have a great living situation.

Sample Agreements

From cleaning the apartment to hosting guests, deciding on how to split costs, the following documents can help you have a successful roommate relationship:


Roommate Registry

The NYU Roommate Registry, accessed through your NYUHome account, makes available a listing of individuals looking for roommates, exclusively from the NYU community. It's a great resource to find others who are searching for an apartment or those who may be looking to share a space within their current living situation.

If you have never logged on to NYUHome, make sure to activate your account. Information about eligibility for NYU Home accounts is available at

Note: The Roommate Registry is only accessible by current NYU students, faculty, and staff members. If you do not have access, please contact ITS (212-998-3333) for assistance. 

1.Go to: NYUHome2. Click on NYU Life3. Click on Roommate Registry

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Helpful Links

The websites we have provided below are to assist you with your search based on feedback from other students who found the sites helpful. Please keep in mind that NYU does not have any relationship with these companies, unless otherwise noted, and inclusion on this list does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement. NYU is unable to vet any website or listing, so please conduct your search carefully.

For information about avoiding scams, click on the Apartment Listings tab at the top of this page.

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