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Sublet Offer Form

Note: If you are looking for sublet availabilities, please subscribe to our Sublet Mailing List by clicking here.

Contact Information

Please note that the incentives offered by the Sublet Service are only for faculty members living in faculty housing who are on approved leave or sabbatical. Additionally, to qualify for the incentives, the apartment must be subleased and sponsored by the subtenant’s School. Summer/Winter holiday sublets negotiated privately are not eligible for incentives. Do you meet these eligibility requirements?


Sublet Term

* I understand that the University will continue to collect the current monthly rent from my pay and the sub-tenant will pay me directly, the current monthly rent plus 10% for furniture.

No smoking.

No pets.

Water plants.

Some closets will be reserved for storage.

Faculty Housing Homepage

Current Residents

  1. Submit your information via the Sublet Form.
  2. Your sublet posting will then be shared with NYU Schools and Departments. 
  3. If there is a subtenant match, you will be contacted within seven (7) business days by a School representative. 
  4. If you are not contacted within seven (7) days by a School representative, then you are free to find your own subtenant.  
  5. For your convenience, your sublet posting will also be shared with other NYU affiliates and Non-affiliates searching for a sublet.
  6. Once you select a subtenant, you are required to complete the Standard Sublease Agreement with your subtenant.


  • Sublet agreements must be a minimum of 30 days.
  • The overtenant has the final say on the sub-tenant selection process.
  • The Faculty Housing Office only accepts sublets that are owned and managed by NYU.
  • Subtenants are not required to hire cleaning services.
  • Hired cleaning services are permitted at a maximum of twice per month.
  • Subtenants cannot be charged for a parking space they will not be utilizing.

Visiting Faculty

  1. Subscribe to our Sublet Mailing List.
  2. You will receive an email when a new sublet offer is posted..


Sublease Agreement

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