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Current Residents

Helpful Information and Policies

Apartment Improvement Program

Over time, a considerable number of Tenants have told us that there are improvements they would like to make to their apartments. Over the past year, NYU’s Faculty Senators Council’s Benefits and Housing Committee and NYU’s Office of Faculty Housing & Residential Services partnered to develop this Program -- which will initially run as a three-year pilot -- in response to that feedback. Under the Program, Tenants will be able to select improvements from a set of options, such as new kitchen appliances, various bathroom or kitchen improvements, floor work, etc., that NYU will install at no cost or at a nominal** cost to the Tenant, as further described in the Frequently Asked Questions link below.
*This Program is not available to tenants residing in buildings or apartments leased by NYU, as opposed to buildings owned by NYU. If you have a question as to the status of your building, please contact the Client Services Center at 212-998-1001.
**Tenants may elect a single improvement at no cost to them; if Tenants desire additional improvement(s), they will be asked to fund the cost of the improvement(s). See the accompanying documents “Apartment Improvement Program Frequently Asked Questions” and “Apartment Improvement Program Options and Costs” for more information, links found below.

Current Construction Projects

If you have any questions about a major NYU construction project, please review the construction website, which contains useful information about the University's construction projects, announcements, renderings, and answers to frequently asked questions.   In addition to the publicly viewable construction projects, the Office of Faculty Housing and Residential Services also manages many interior renovations and repairs.

Renters Insurance

NYU's group insurance program allows you to receive quotes from three of the nation's most respected insurance carriers. As an employee of NYU, you are automatically eligible to apply for policies with special discounts.

Pet Friendly Buildings

A pet deposit of $500 is required at lease signing and may be returned to you upon move out if no pet damage has occurred. Please review your lease for the full terms and conditions of pet ownership.

Bed Bug Information, Protocol and Policy

We have found bed bugs in fewer than 0.01% of NYU apartments and dorms.  While these numbers are extremely low, the memo posted below lists facts about bed bugs, explains the protocol for reporting a suspicion of bed bugs, and gives information about NYU’s responsibility and tenant responsibility in the event bed bugs are found in an apartment.

Sublet Policy and Sublet Search Service

Academic Year Sublets
All academic year sublets must be approved by the University and the apartment must be made available to University affiliates before being offered to the non-affiliate market.  If you wish to sublet your apartment during the academic year, please submit your information via the web. If we cannot find an acceptable match within 7 business days, you are free to find your own subtenant.

Sublet Search Service for Current Tenants
The University has unveiled a new, streamlined allocation process for faculty members on approved leave or sabbatical wishing to sublet their apartment during the academic year. Faculty members will receive 110% guaranteed rent and additional improvements to their apartment when they participate in the program.  ELIGIBILITY NOTE: The incentives offered by this program are only for faculty members on approved leave or sabbatical and the apartment must first be subleased by the subtenant's school on behalf of a visiting faculty member.  Summer/winter holiday sublets and sublets negotiated privately without the assistance of an NYU school are not eligible for the incentives (more information).

Summer/Winter Holiday Sublets
Tenants wishing to sublet during the summer/winter holiday may identify a subtenant without first notifying the University.   However, as stated in all NYU leases, tenants are only allowed to sublet their apartment for periods longer than 30 consecutive days.  Moreover, the rent charged by a tenant to a subtenant may not exceed the tenant’s rent plus a 10% surcharge for a furnished apartment.  Once you secure a subtenant for the summer/winter holiday, it is required that you submit a copy of the sublease to the Faculty Housing Office for review and approval.

Illegal Subletting Policy

The Faculty Housing Office has received numerous complaints from tenants that some of their neighbors are renting their apartments to non-NYU affiliates for periods of less than 30 days via internet sites such as and  Some tenants are even renting their apartments to tourists for a weekend or by the evening. Such practices are not allowed under the lease and jeopardize the safety and security of fellow tenants and colleagues. The University takes this issue very seriously and any such violations will be strictly penalized with sanctions up to and including eviction. Note that this policy is consistent with that of most residential buildings in Manhattan and is designed to protect the welfare of all tenants.

Faculty Housing Office

Please provide NYU's property manager, Cushman & Wakefield, with at least one month's notice prior to your move-out.  Additionally, all residents of University housing must provide certain documentation prior to moving out of their apartments.

Before posting your sublet, please review NYU's Sublet Policy referenced on the left of this page.

Permission to sublet your apartment must be granted by the Faculty Housing Office. Please review NYU's Sublet Policy referenced on the left of this page.

The Washington Square Village Playground ("Key Park") is open to residents of NYU rental housing and community members in the Washington Square neighborhood area- bounded by 8th Street (North), Bowery-3rd Avenue (East), Grand Street (South) and 6th Avenue (West).  The playground key application must be submitted to Cushman & Wakefield, NYU's property manager (Phone: 646.997.9988; Fax: 646.997.9990).

To sign-up for Payroll Deduction please complete the required form and return it to Cushman & Wakefield, NYU's property manager. Please note that applications take up to one month to process, depending on the payroll cycle. Additionally, employees paid bi-montlhy and Medical School employees are not able to enroll in Payroll Deduction.

Suggestion Box

We are always striving to improve our services and welcome residents' feedback. Please let us know how we're doing and be sure to include your building address to help us respond to any issues more efficiently. Accolades are welcome too.  Thank you!

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