self-service equipment including the Mojo 3D printer

The LaGuardia Studio (LGS) provides two Epson Stylus Pro 4900 archival printers. These are professional grade printers for printing photographic and fine art prints. No volume printing is allowed.

Papers used for printing must be chosen from the following LGS approved list. The LGS staff reserves the right to verify client paper and terminate any print job using an unsupported paper. 

Epson 4900 Supported Archival Papers

Stratasys Mojo

The Stratasys Mojo is our Self-Service 3D printer.

Stratasys Mojo Hardware Specifications

Self-Service Mojo Pricing

Day Rate Charge - $15.00 per day
Tray Charge - $10.00 per tray

Payment Terms for Mojo Printer

General Self-Service Mac Work Station  

Self-service Mac work station with precision color management hardware, a range of industry 3D modeling and advanced imaging software. This workstation is good for building model files for the 3D Print Service, post-processing 3D Scanning files, and developing image files for the Wide-Format Archival Print Services.