3D Printing

The LaGuardia Studio (LGS) 3D Print Service offers a range of advanced 3D printing technologies and material options, giving clients the ability to design and produce work through additive manufacturing (AM) processes. The LaGuardia Studio offers years of extensive 3D printing experience to university scientists, engineers, medical professionals, designers, artists, and professionals alike who are interested in visualization, prototyping, tooling, or fabricating customized and creative end-use production. The LaGuardia Studio 3D Printers are: Stratasys J750; 3D Systems ProJet 7000 HD SLA, Stratasys Fortus 450mc.

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ProJet 660 3D Printer

Stratasys Connex500 3D printer

3D printer 7000

3D Scanning

The LaGuardia Studio 3D Scanning Service provides high-accuracy 3D scanning of objects ranging from small to large, low- to ultra-high resolution. Service work spans across disciplines which include art and design, conservation heritage, medical, engineering, scientific research, and consumer product manufacturing. The LaGuardia Studio 3D Scanning Service features a range of high-end industry 3D scanners to suit all scanning production needs.
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Self-Service Work Stations

The LGS Self-Service Work Stations are reservation-based systems offering special discipline hardware and software.  

The LaGuardia Studio offers specialized services for those within or affiliated with the New York University community. Please refer to the individual LGS Service Guides for file preparation and procedure instructions as they relate to each service.

Self-service work stations are accessible and located on the ground floor.

Client (Q&A) Consultations

One-on-one appointments for 30 minutes with a Studio specialist for practical advice, problem-solving, tips, and tricks on preparing content for any of the Studio services, or to brush-up and improve skills on a range of Studio in-house software. 

Project Development Consultation 

The LaGuardia Studio offers a Project Development Consultation Service for clients with larger scope projects that require in-depth planning, design assistance, and training for technology content that is specific to the LGS Services. The Project Development Consultation Service provides one-on-one support necessary for the implementation of the project, and is a great option for client requirements that go beyond the limit of a Client (Q&A) Consultation appointment.

Project Development Consultation Booking Procedures

Project Development Consultation Pricing