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Security Awareness

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NYU IT aims to raise security awareness across the University. Watch for new videos, updates and tips on this page. Test you Security IQ with the videos and quiz below. Watch and listen to people's real-life experiences of security issues, and learn how to avoid them.

What's Your Security IQ?

Test your security IQ! Learn about security topics like multi-factor authentication, password protection, and the risks of public wifi.


Got VPN? Find out how NYU VPN can make you more secure, the right and wrong ways to store your passwords, and how often to change them.


Recent Security Articles in Connect: IT at NYU

  • Learn to Spot a Phony
    Phone scams are a type of social engineering scam, which seek to dupe often busy recipients into disclosing sensitive information or providing seemingly harmless responses to questions. This article reviews some of the common phone scams and provides recommendations and best practices.
  • Phishing, Spear Phishing, and Whaling
    Workplace and personal email have become the most common attack surfaces for opportunistic and targeted phishing scams.
  • Under Lock and Passphrase
    It can be very difficult to remember increasing numbers of strong passwords. The solution is to use a password manager or vault.