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One-on-one consultations are offered by the NYU Classes Service Team on the 5th floor of Bobst library by appointment. To request a consultation, complete the NYU Digital Studio Appointment Form or book an appointment via the NYU Classes calendar.

Getting Started with NYU Classes

NYU IT offers faculty and staff various NYU Classes training options, from self-help video tutorials to one-on-one consultations, to help you get the most out of your course site. Learn the basics by watching the video.


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Start of Semester Checklist

Before you invite students to your course site in NYU Classes, be sure to check off each of the following steps:

  1. Activate Your Course Site – Find Set up Course Sites in the left menu under the "Home" tab.
  2. Copy Content From a Previous Course – Use Import from Site in the “Settings” tool.
  3. Check Your Roster – Add participants if necessary (i.e., Course Site Admin or Teaching Assistant).
  4. Post Your Syllabus – Use the Syllabus tool.
  5. Clean Up Course Menu – Remove tools that are not utilized.
  6. Publish Your Course Site – Once your site is ready, make sure to click Publish to grant student access.
  7. Send an Announcement – Welcome your students to your course!

For more information, download this faculty checklist (PDF: 629 KB) or see Set Up Your Course Site below.

Need 1-on-1 help with a specialist? Request an appointment at the Digital Studio, located on the 5th floor of Bobst Library.  

Set up Your Course Site

In NYU Classes, you have the ability to create your own course site without the need to type in the Course ID. In just three steps, your course site can be created and ready for use, including information from Albert.

See Setting up your course site for a video overview, or view these step-by-step instructions on how to create your own course site in NYU Classes.  

If you are an instructor and do not see the “Setup Course Sites” tool in My Workspace, please check with your Albert administrator to ensure you are correctly assigned to your course. If you do not see your course, please check the course listing in Albert or see SIS/Albert roles that determine access to NYU Classes for further guidance. For additional assistance, send email to AskIT@nyu.edu, or call the IT Service Desk.

Important note for NYU's global locations: If you are going to be traveling or using NYU Classes at one of the university's global locations, be sure to:

Course and Project Site Tools

Learn about NYU Classes tools and capabilities for creating a customized online site to accompany your course. See the articles below for further guidance on NYU Classes tools that can help you achieve specific pedagogical goals towards designing a site.

Review more knowledge base articles on how to use NYU Classes course and project site tools.

Designing Your Course Site

Determining which tools within NYU Classes are necessary to achieve specific pedagogical goals is the first step towards designing a site. See Teaching and learning support for an overview of four common teaching and learning objectives many instructors facilitate with the help of a learning management system. Each solution offered corresponds to several tools within NYU Classes.