Multi-Factor Authentication

Graphic: NYU Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Protect your information!

Getting Started

To start benefitting from the additional security provided by NYU Multi-Factor Authentication, follow the instructions below or in the video above to enroll in MFA. If possible, enroll two or more devices and use the Duo mobile app (which allows you to authenticate even if you don't have cell or Internet service, or if you're traveling internationally). Note that MFA will soon become mandatory; see below for the current rollout timeline.

For information about using the service after enrollment and other FAQs, see the support videos articles to the right. Need additional help? Contact the IT Service Desk (details at top right). 

When Will MFA be Required?

The use of MFA will become required to access most NYU services on a rolling schedule during the rest of the fall semester for most NYU community members, based on your primary role at NYU and the first letter of your NetID. See below for a tentative schedule. But there is no reason to wait till your deadline: Enroll today following the instructions above to reap the benefits of MFA and ensure uninterrupted access to your accounts. If you wait, you will be contacted by email multiple times, and on the day of your deadline you will no longer be able to log into your NYU accounts until you enroll in and start using MFA.

Note: The following schedule is subject to change; please check back periodically.

Group Date & First Letter of NetID*

Pilot: Office of the Executive Vice President Staff & School of Law Students, Faculty, and Staff

October 10: a-g

October 11: h-m

October 12: n-z

Other Administrators/Staff (including at Schools, the Provost's Office, and Retirees) at all NYU locations

October 16: a-d

October 17: e-k

October 18: l-n

October 19: o-z

NYU Affiliates (e.g., Contractors) at all NYU locations

October 23: a-d

October 24: e-k

October 25: l-n

October 26: o-z

NYU Faculty (Full-time, Part-time, and Retirees) at all NYU locations

October 30: a-d

October 31: e-k

November 1: l-n

November 2: o-z


- Including Students at NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU Shanghai

- Excluding Students at NYU's other Study Away locations and non-degree Students

November 20: a

November 21: b-c

November 28: d-i

November 29: j

November 30: k-l

December 1: m

December 4: n-p

December 5: q-r

December 6: s

December 7: t-u

December 8: w-z

Students at NYU Study Away locations other than NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU Shanghai Dates To Be Determined

* MFA is being made mandatory on a rolling basis to reduce impact on the community. The letters next to each date above refer to the first letter of each individual's NYU NetID within a particular group for whom MFA will become mandatory on that day. For example, a staff member with the NetID aqe123 would become mandatory as part of the a-d group on October 16.  

What Is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adds a second layer of security to help prevent anyone other than you from accessing your sensitive information online. This is accomplished using two types of authentication to verify your identity when logging into a system.

  1. First, you need to log in with your password—something you know—and username (usually your NYU NetID).
  2. Second, you use a physical device—something you have with you when you log in—such as your mobile phone, tablet, or landline phone, to confirm your identity.

The device that is most convenient for this purpose is a mobile phone with an MFA app installed on it. Alternatively, an SMS text message can be sent with a series of one-time passcodes for you to type in. Or, you can receive a phone call.

The service NYU uses for MFA is called Duo.