Are You Using NYU Zoom? Are You Sure?

Zoom Tips for a Better Experience

Make Sure You’re Using NYU Zoom: Log in in at
Use the Zoom App: The Zoom App offers better on-screen options.
Connect to your Calendar with the Zoom Browser Extension: Zoom offers plugins for Firefox and Chrome.
Get to Know NYU Zoom Classrooms
: Watch the video below and read Zoom Classrooms FAQ for Faculty.
Record Your Session: Record and share your meeting or class.

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Stay Current
Don't be the one who can't use new features like breakout rooms or filters Check NYU Zoom Downloads each month for updates.

Don't See a Feature?

If you don't see a new feature, ask the meeting host. They (or you!) can customize features in the default or in-meeting settings.

Avoid Zoom Phishing Scams

Read about the Zoom Phishing Alert in the NYU IT Security News.


Have a question? Faculty in an NYU Zoom Classroom, please call 212-998-3400. All community members can contact the NYU IT Service Desk for general NYU Zoom support.

Zoom Help for Students

Watch this short video and also check out the Zoom Support Corner.

Zoom Help for Faculty

Watch this short video and also see the Zoom Support Corner.

Teaching in an NYU Zoom Classroom?

Recording and Sharing Your Class Meeting

Learn how to record and share a video of your class meeting.

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What's on the In-Room Screen?

The in-room monitor will show the instructor's screen (if shared) and the faces of remote participants once they log into the Zoom meeting.

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Zoom Support Corner

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