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Welcome Week Staff

It takes a lot of people to make 500+ events run smoothly! Our amazing team is comprised of a number of professional staff and student leaders who work year-round in planning and implementing programs to make sure our students have a fantastic first week at New York University. The Student Resource Center staff also works closely with a variety of offices across NYU to make Welcome Week a reality. It is our hope that you arrive to campus excited and enthusiastic about starting your career as an NYU student.

The 2016 Staff

Welcome Week Captains | Production Interns | Spring Welcome Captains

WW Staff

[Welcome Week Captains]: Captains play a crucial role in leading Fall Welcome Week. They are selected NYU Juniors and Seniors who all have previous experience with Welcome Week. They lead the teams of Welcome Week Leaders to help ease your transition to NYU and New York City.

[Production Interns]: The Interns help coordinate the Welcome Week events and productions and manage #NYUWelcomeWeek social media.

[Spring Welcome Captains]: Spring Welcome Captains play an important role for the celebrations during the first weeks of Spring semester for all NYU students including all years and new transfer students. They lead the Spring Leader Squad to bring spirit to the new semester.

Welcome Week Leaders

[Welcome Week Leaders]: Welcome Week Leaders play an integral part of making #NYUWelcomeWeek happen. Each year, over 300 volunteers make up our leader staff. Leaders run a variety of programs, workshops, tours, and receptions to get new students better acquainted with the university and NYC as their new home away from home. You can easily spot leaders throughout Welcome Week as they'll be wearing staff shirts signifying that they are there to help you get started and answer any questions you may have.

[Spring Leader Squad]: Spring Leader Squad volunteers are made up of students who have previously served as Welcome Week Leaders. They staff the Spring Welcome Marquee Events, programs, workshops, and tours to help kick start the new semester.

Interested in joining our team?

Applications for Welcome Week Leaders for #NYUWelcomeWeek 2016 are currently closed.

For students interested in the Welcome Week Leader position, no prior leadership experience is required - we just ask that you've been at NYU for at least a semester, have lots of energy, and a desire to assist new students in their transition to NYU. The Welcome Week Leader position is open to undergraduate students who will be Sophomores, Juniors or Seniors in the upcoming Fall Welcome Week.

Welcome Week Leaders take part in a training that occurs in the few days prior to Welcome Week. This training allows for participants to receive information about various resources in and around NYU, zone training for a more inclusive campus, time to review Welcome Week scheduling and logistics, and most importantly, meet one another and develop a sense of team spirit!

After a student serves as a Leader for one year, they are then eligible to apply for the Welcome Week Captain position in the following academic year. Captains are students who have already participated in Welcome Week for one or two years, and take on a greater leadership role by overseeing a group of 25-30 leaders. Captains also assist in the development and facilitation of training and Welcome Week evaluation and assessment.

For students interested in other opportunities to get involved with Welcome Week, there are also positions that work with Welcome Week and continue on with programming throughout the Academic Year. For Commuter students interested in leadership opportunities, look into the Commuter Assistant role. Transfer students interested in learning more about helping new transfers transition to NYU can look into the Transfer Ambassador role.

• Must be an NYU undergraduate student in Fall 2016

• Must participate in a MANDATORY training that occurs August 24-26, 2016 (9am-6pm). This training allows for participants to receive information about various NYU resources, time to review Welcome Week scheduling and logistics, and most importantly, get to know the Welcome Week team and develop a sense of NYU spirit to pass on to the new students

• Must display enthusiasm in helping the transition of incoming first year and transfer students new to NYU

What is the selection process like?

  • Complete the application form by the deadline.
  • Sign up for an interview time on application form (group interview or Skype interview if you're studying away). If you are invited for an interview, you will receive a notification through your official NYU email with your selected interview time.
  • After the interview process, all selected Welcome Week Leaders will be notified if they have been accepted for the position.

Can I be a WW Leader and an RA?

  • Because of time conflicts with training and new student preparation, you are not able to serve in both the Welcome Week Leader and Resident Assistant roles at the same time. If you are in the RA selection process but also interested in the Welcome Week Leader position, we encourage you to go ahead and complete the WW Leader application. You can always let us know later if you will be pursuing the RA position instead.

I've been a WW Leader before, do I still have to apply?

  • If you have been a WW Leader before, you still need to go through the application and interview process to be a WW Leader again in Fall 2016. The only exceptions are if you went through the Captain Selection process last year and were invited to come back as a leader or if you are currently active on the WW Planning Committee, then you do not need to complete the application form.

How available do I need to be as a WW Leader?

  • It is mandatory to participate in the WW Leader Training that occurs Wed, August 24 - Friday, August 26 from 9am-6pm on campus. During Welcome Week (Sun, August 28 - Saturday, September 3), you must have flexible availability as you will be assigned to work at least four 5-hour long shifts. Students living on campus for the academic year will be able to move into housing the day before training and accommodations can be made for commuter students to work shifts that end earlier in the evening.

I have a random question about the WW Leader position, what do I do?

  • Contact Isabella Villacampa (NYU Student Resource Center, Program Administrator) at

  • Mon, March 21 - Fri, March 25 // Week of Leader Interview Process
  • Tues, August 23 // Early Move-In: Welcome Week Leaders living on campus during the academic year are able to move into housing early (housing is not offered for students not living on-campus)
  • Wed, August 24 - Fri, August 26 // Mandatory Leader Training (9am-6pm)
  • Sun, August 28 // NYU Welcome Day/New Student Move In Day
  • Mon, August 29 - Sat, September 3 // NYU Welcome Week - Must have flexible availability, Will be assigned to work shifts throughout week
  • Sun, September 4 - Sat, September 17 // Welcome {Back} Week - Events for returning students, Will be assigned to work shifts around academic schedule






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