NYU staff and student leaders will be present to support you. Through programming and community connections, we hope we can help make the two weeks work for you (and fly by)!

Make the Time Fly

We encourage you to take advantage of the 600+ programs offered through NYU Welcome - you can access this full list of events on NYU Mobile.

We've also curated a number of opportunities based on your feedback and our more popular asks. We understand the challenges of not being able to leave your room, so we're doing our best to bring things to you: daily activities, meditation, fitness classes, connections with other students, and more.    

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Faculty Conversations

Thought-provoking conversations hosted by the incredible Faculty and Deans of our NYU Academic Schools.

Highlighted Welcome Events


image with text boardroom university

The Boardroom University featuring Kevin Durant & Rich Kleiman

Students in residence life quarantine will receive a special invitation to attend the Boardroom University virtual event featuring NBA Superstar Kevin Durant and Rich Kleiman - an inside look at executives' playbooks for business and life.

image with text Becoming mindful adaptive nutritious happy passionate

Becoming Your Desired Self: Designing Habits to Build the Life You Want

Join us for a 12-day series focused on how habits shape our identities, our processes, and our outcomes. As our contexts continue to shift, becoming intentional about our thoughts, interactions, behaviors, and impact helps us ground our self worth. Whether you want to become mindful, resilient, focused, flexible, happy, anti-racist, studious, or something else, each day will explore the mechanics and strategies for building the life you want.

Real Talk NYU

For new undergraduates: Come join the NYU Welcome Captains and Chairs as we talk candidly about our lives at NYU. Find out what being an NYU student truly means to us and how you can make the most of your time here. From academics to social life, we got you covered!

Saturday Manhattan Movie Marathons

Join Program Board for our Saturday film series that features movies that take place in and out of NYC!

Broadway Cabaret

Calling all theatre kids! Put on your dancing shoes and join us for a fun night of music featuring several Broadway performers!

Destress Event: Creating Art Together

Need a break from everything that is going on? Join in this hangout to create digital zoom masterpieces with other students. No experience required.

Global Breakfast for Dinner & Dinner for Breakfast

Enjoy your meals and come meet students from all across the world in different time zone! We will be having fun activities and discussions on culture, food, and global experiences.

Serving Face: A Drag Makeup Tutorial

Drag makeup is a complex art, and mastering it is no small feat! It takes some innovation, some skill, and most importantly, the ability to have fun with your look! So grab your brushes and concealer and follow along for a tutorial led by a fierce Drag queen!

Game Night

Join the LaGuardia Co-Op in a night of virtual fun and games like Jackbox and Scribbl.io - the popular pictionary-esque game!

NYU Study Away: Where, When, Why, and How

Learn more about study away opportunities for undergraduates at NYU.

A Cappella Show

Join us for a night full of a cappella! We'll be showcasing the incredible a cappella groups here at NYU!

Live Your Dreams & Save Your Money

Learn the basics of managing your money and persuing your educational dreams responsibly while at NYU.

How to Start a Startup at NYU

Interested in entrepreneurship? Learn how NYU helps founders become the next generation of startup leaders including startup coaches, educational programming, and funding to accelerate entrepreneurs.

Virtual Tours

Discover the best tips around the city with themed virtual tours about: Boba, Brooklyn Eats, Chinatown, Coffee, Foodie Favorites, Musical Neighborhood, Sweet Eats, and Vegan & Vegetarian Food + Campus Tours.

... and more!

Wellness & Fitness

Make the most out of this time as a unique opportunity to focus on your goals to take care of yourself.

image with text daily live fitness classes

Daily Live Fitness Classes

HIIT, Hatha Yoga, Zumba, and Cardio Kick Boxing - live classes offered every single day!

Meet People & Get Involved

Meet like-minded friends through conversation about the things that interest you most and learn about clubs and communities.

Mindfulness & Spirituality

Prioritize your self care and personal growth.

Return with Resilience

A 14-day spiritual hygiene challenge for all interested in developing a spiritual practice - especially for those quarantining.
 Daily yoga, meditation, and prayer sessions for 14 days with Global Spiritual Life.

Social Justice & Identity

Learn more about your role in social justice and the importance of exploring your own identity.

Just Mercy Reading Group

Join Leah Lattimore in conversation about the NYU Reads selection, Just Mercy. Author Bryan Stevenson is a professor of criminal justice at NYU School of Law and the founder of the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI). Join Leah in talking about the prison industrial complex within the United States, racial equity, and our roles and responsibilities as NYU community members.

Career & Networking

Actively work towards your career goals.

Academic Success

Prepare for the semester ahead.

Service & Civic Engagement


image with text virtual volunteering

Many NYC and global community organizations are seeking virtual volunteers. Opportunities range from assistance with technology meetings, writing words of encouragement to those in hospitals, and even transcription of historical documents.

image with text use your voice cast your vote

Voting is an important civic duty as a U.S. citizen and we want to ensure that all eligible voters in the NYU Community have the necessary voter registration tools to be ready to cast ballots this year.

Things to do on your own time

Looking for something to do that's on your schedule?  Check out this list of options that include student videos, how-to-tutorials, campus resources, podcasts, virtual tours, virtual volunteering, games, and more.

Connect with your Peer Leaders

image with text peer leaders

For students quarantining in On-Campus Housing: Peer Leaders are students who will reach out to help connect students to each other during quarantine. They will keep you updated on opportunities, serve as your point of contact, and help find creative ways to pass the time in the best ways possible.