Majora Carter

Majora Carter (GSAS '97) was born, raised, and continues to live and work in the Hunts Point section of the South Bronx. But that doesn’t mean her career has not taken her around the city, the nation and the world in pursuit of resources and ideas to improve the quality of life in her environmentally challenged community.

She founded Sustainable South Bronx in 2001 after having worked with other area groups – where she wrote a $1.25M federal grant to design the South Bronx Greenway. That project has since secured over $20M in funding and is set to begin construction by 2007.

In the meantime she has created riverfront parks, put a cool and green roof demonstration project atop her offices, worked to take down the underused Sheridan Expressway in favor of positive economic development, and successfully implemented the Bronx Environmental Stewardship Training program - seeding her community with a skilled green-collar workforce that has both a personal and economic stake in their urban environment.

All of these accomplishments grow from her notion that one’s self image is influenced by their surroundings – so you’d better make sure those surroundings are beautiful! Her vision, drive, and tenacity earned her a 2005 MacArthur Fellowship.

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