Portraits & Keepsakes

Commencement portrait sessions are offered to graduating students in early May. Individual or group appointments are available. Group appointments may include photos with friends and family. Fees applied. Photos sold separately.

Portrait Dates:

Monday, May 8 from 12pm - 8pm
Tuesday, May 9 from 9am - 8pm
Wednesday, May 10 from 9am - 8pm
Thursday, May 11 from 10am - 9pm
Friday, May 12 from 9am - 8pm

Location: Kimmel Center, Room 914
Appointments needed.
No walk-ins.
Individual or Group appointments available. (Separate appointments are needed if interested in both an individual and group option.)
Cost: $15 per appointment (Price for session only. Photos sold separately.)

2017 prices to be determined

Package A One (1)  11" X 14"
Two (2)  8" X 10"
Four (4)  5" x 7"
Thirty-two (32)  Wallet-sized images
Package B Two (2) 8" X 10"
Four (4) 5" X 7"
Sixteen (16) Wallet-sized images
Package C
One (1) 8" X 10"
Two (2) 5" X 7"
Eight (8) Wallet-sized images
Package D
Two (2) 5" X 7
Eight (8) Wallet-sized images
Package E
One (1) 11" X 14" TBD
Package F
One (1) 8" X 10" TBD
Package G
Two (2) 5" X 7 TBD
Package H Eight (8) Wallet-sized images TBD
One (1) image download TBD
Four (4) image download TBD
All Image download TBD

Group appointments:

Students + friends or family.
Due to space constraints, we can only accommodate up to ten (10) people total in the group photo.


Individual appointments - cap/tam, gown, hood, tassel (gold or purple) are supplied for each graduate: undergrad, masters and PhD.
Group appointment - cap/tam, gown, hood, tassel are NOT supplied. Please bring your own commencement attire.
For a professional look - wear a button up shirt with collar + tie  

Delivery of Portraits Proofs: 

Portrait proofs and portrait package options will be mailed (locally, nationally or internationally) and emailed to the person who made the appointment one week after the portrait was taken. At that time, portrait package orders can be made. Orders can be shipped locally, nationally or internationally.

Photos sold separately. Cost for portrait sitting fee only.

Appointments can be made in 2 locations:  

NYU Ticket Central Box Office
566 LaGuardia Place at Washington Square South
Hours: 12:00-6:00 pm, Tuesday-Friday
Individual appointment $15
Group appointment  $15
Cash, NYU Campus Cash and credit cards accepted. Fees are non-refundable.
Cost is for portrait appointment only. Photos sold separately. 

Individual appointment $15 + $1 online service fee.
Group appointment $15 + $1 online service fee.
Separate appointments needed if purchasing an individual AND group portrait.
Cost is for portrait appointment only. Photos sold separately.
Credit cards accepted. Fees are non-refundable.

 For more information, please contact:

NYU Photo Bureau