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Invitations for the All-University Commencement are mailed to all those who have received degrees or advanced certificates of study in September 2015, and January 2016, and to those who are degree candidates for May 2016. Invitations will be mailed the third week in March to your address on record with the Office of the University Registrar. (If you have moved, please be sure to update your address with the Office of the University Registrar.)  May candidates must apply for graduation by February 6th in order to receive an invitation.

Please note that receipt of a Save-the-Date card and/or an invitation should not be considered official notice of graduation. Such notice must come from the Office of the University Registrar.

If you have not received your invitation by April 12th, please verify your address at the University Registrar's Office.

Student Services Center (Manhattan)
25 West Fourth Street
New York, New York 10012

Student Services Center (Brooklyn)
5 MetroTech Center
Dibner Building, Room 201
Brooklyn, New York 11201


Please visit the Registrar's Website for information regarding graduation application deadlines.

Full-time faculty are also invited to participate in the academic procession and the ceremony.

Law, Medicine, Tandon, Dentistry, and Stern Graduate students should contact the corresponding Registrars' Offices:

Records and Registration
Furman Hall
245 Sullivan Street, Ste. 400

Office of Registration
Greenberg Hall
545 First Avenue, Ste. 6M
Maureen Doran — 212-263-5291

Jacobs Administrative Building (JB), Room 158
6 MetroTech Center
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Office of the Registrar
Weissman Clinic
421 First Avenue, Rm. 1034W
Carla Thomas — 212-998-9819

Stern Grad
Records and Registration
44 West Fourth Street, Rm. 6-100

Address Change, Graduation Status, and Diplomas

Student Services Center (Manhattan)
25 West Fourth Street
New York, NY 10012-1199

Student Services Center (Brooklyn)
5 MetroTech Center
Dibner Building, Room 201
Brooklyn, New York 11201


Diplomas are mailed to the graduates' permanent addresses by the Office of the University Registrar approximately eight weeks following the date of graduation. For further information regarding diplomas, contact the Office of the University Registrar.

Photo: NYU Student on Subway to Yankee Stadium

Credit: (c)NYU Photo Bureau

Dean's Exception for the All-University Commencement

As approved by the University’s Deans Council, candidates for graduation who have up to two courses outstanding to complete their degrees may petition their school dean for eligibility to participate in the All-University Commencement. The two courses must be completed by the end of the summer. Students with extenuating circumstances (for example, international students whose visas expire or who are subject to travel restrictions) will have their situations reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Please note that not all schools allow for Dean’s Exceptions (i.e., School of Law, School of Medicine, and College of Dentistry).

  • Procedure
    Students must:
       o obtain a Dean’s Exception form from their school’s
          designated academic officer (list will be posted here March 2016)
       o completely fill out and sign this form (posted here March 2016)
       o bring the completed and signed form back to their
          school’s designated academic officer for verification            and an approval signature
    • In addition to verifying the accuracy of and signing off on
       the Dean’s Exception form, the designated academic
       officer should give the student an All-University
       Commencement invitation.
    • The Dean's Office should keep a copy of the completed
       form for its records and for verification purposes.
    • Dean’s Exceptions WILL NOT be able to order
       All-University Commencement tickets in advance,
       but must follow the in-person request procedure
       outlined on the Dean’s Exception form.

    • The student must submit the completed and signed
       Dean’s Exception form when picking up his/her
       Commencement tickets at the Kimmel Center beginning     Thursday, May 12.
    PLEASE DO NOT COME BEFORE MAY 12. Your                request cannot be honored.
    PLEASE DO NOT COME TO KIMMEL WITHOUT THE          COMPLETED, SIGNED FORM. Your request                      cannot be honored without it.

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