Asian/Pacific American Studies - CAS

The Asian/Pacific/American Studies Program offers interdisciplinary courses focusing on the experience of Asian/Pacific Americans that cross the boundaries of literature, history, film criticism, art history, urban studies, and gender studies.

East Asian Studies - CAS

The Department of East Asian Studies at New York University offers courses on China, Japan and Korea. The focus of the undergraduate program is primarily on language, history and literature and the way in which these three civilizations have interacted with the Western world to reconstitute received cultures into modern societies.

European and Mediterranean Studies - CAS/ Graduate School of Arts and Science

The Center for European and Mediterranean Studies (CEMS) offers a B.A. major and minor; an M.A. degree; and provides support (in the form of fellowships, workshops, and summer funds) to doctoral students in related disciplines from across the university. CEMS offers a course of study focusing on contemporary patterns of politics, culture, and society as well as on historical development in Europe.

Gender and Sexuality Studies - Faculty of Arts and Science

The undergraduate Program in Gender and Sexuality offers a broad interdisciplinary investigation of gender and sexuality as keys to understanding human experience, fully integrating the study of gender and sexuality in its core curriculum, and insistently extending the view beyond U.S. borders.

Latino Studies Program - Faculty of Arts and Science

The Latino Studies Program possesses strength in the arts, research training, the presence of Chicano scholars and a bilingual emphasis whose aim is to produce knowledge about populations and communities of Latin American descent living in the United States, and to integrate this knowledge into the United States' understanding of itself. The program offers an undergraduate major and minor.

The Skirball Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies

The Skirball Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies offers one of the most comprehensive Jewish Studies programs in North America, encompassing Hebrew language and literature as well as all facets of Jewish history and culture, from the ancient through the medieval to the modern. The program offers both an undergraduate B.A and B.S., as well as graduate programs leading to the M.A. and PhD degrees.

Intergroup Dialogue

The Intergroup Dialogue Program is a nationally recognized 1-credit course that brings together small groups of students from diverse backgrounds to share their experiences and gain new knowledge related to diversity and social justice. This 8-week course is open to all NYU undergraduate students, facilitated by graduate students or NYU professionals, and takes place in the Spring semester.