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Besides being your valid form of NYU identification, your NYUCard may be activated like a debit account; a convenient alternative to cash. The Campus Cash account is provided to students (taking credit bearing courses), faculty, and staff at New York University. Summer Housing Residents may also participate in the program. 

Working much like a bank debit card, money can be placed in an account that can be drawn upon for purchase of goods and services at over 250 locations across Campus. Please note that beginning August 1, 2018, Campus Cash will no longer be accepted at off campus merchants. 

§  18 Below

§  Argo Tea

§  Bridgeview Market

§  Dunkin' Donuts

§  Lipton Dining Hall

§  Lipton C-Store

§  Jasper Kane Cafe

§  Kosher Eatery

§  Market Place at Kimmel

§  Palladium by LifeWorks

§  Palladium C-Store

§  Peet's Coffee and Tea

§  Sidestein

§  Starbucks at Faye's

§  Third North Courtyard Cafe

§  Third North C-Store

§  Weinstein Food Court

§  Weinstein Passport Dining

§  Over 200 Vending machine locations across Campus

§  Most NYU Housing Laundry locations

§  NYU Copy Central and Mail  

§  NYU Bookstore and Computer Store  

§  NYU Skirball  

§  NYU Health Center

§  NYU Kimmel Center Lockers  

§  NYU Chemistry Labs

Benefits of Campus Cash
  1. Convenience - Campus Cash is widely accepted on campus.
  2. Safety - You don't have to worry about carrying around cash, credit cards, or debit cards.  Your money is secure and if your card needs to be replaced the funds are immediately available.
  3. No Risk - Campus Cash does not expire and it is fully refundable when you leave the university.
  4. Saves Time - No need to wait for change, just swipe and go.
  5. Saves Money - Campus Cash purchases at NYU Dining Halls are tax free for students.

Making Deposits

Making a deposit to your Campus Cash Account is simple and convenient. If your funds run low during the term, you or your guests may add funds to your Campus Cash Account by using Campus Cash on-line. Students, faculty, and staff can access Campus Cash on-line.


You'll like Campus Cash because it's easy, convenient, it makes good financial sense, and it keeps you connected to your child's NYU experience. You can budget to meet estimated expenses, review spending habits and make easy deposits with a guest log-in.

Faculty and Staff

We're happy to extend to you all of the benefits of the Campus Cash program. Campus Cash is a great budgeting tool for meals and services while at work. Leave the credit and debit cards at home. Now it's easier than ever to use Campus Cash to make purchases on campus.