Kimmel Digital Signage Network

The Kimmel Center and Global Center have installed a complex-wide system of integrated informational screens. Advertise your event on the new Kimmel Digital Signage Network with an image, a video, or a plain-text message.

“Media” refers to the content running on the Network. “Dated media” is media tied to a specific event in the Kimmel & Global Centers; “undated media” is media for general consumption and, thus, not tied to a specific event.

Review the KDSN Policies below and submit your media via the KDSN Dropbox.

Policies and Regulations

» The Network is intended for events taking place at NYU only; no outside venues will be accepted.

» Only three types of media are accepted: images (.jpg and .png), video (.mp4), and plain-text messages.

» Submitted images must be 1920 pixels by 985 pixels and horizontal; images of alternative dimensions will be rejected.

» All submitted media must be clear and readable; media must include the name of the sponsoring club, department, or organization. Dated media, specifically, must additionally include:

• Date and time of the event,

• Location of the event,

• Name of the event, and

• Name of the sponsoring club, department or organization.

» Only one media submission is allowed per a dated event.  Certain exceptions will be made for NYU week-long events and conferences.  

» Clubs may not submit undated media; in other words, all club media submissions must be for a specific event.

» Dated media for an event must be submitted at least 2 days before an event.  No media will be uploaded on the day before an event.  Dated media for an event will not be displayed until 2 full weeks before said event takes place.  That is, no media will be uploaded if said event occurs one, two, or three months out. 

»  Items must be submitted through the KDSN Dropbox, located here

Email the KDSN team at if you have any questions.  Please do not submit images via email, however, as all images must be screened beforehand through the Dropbox.