NYU Landscaping Projects

Native Woodland Garden

The NYU Native Woodland Garden in Schwartz Plaza

A stylized recreation of a woodland you would have found on Manhattan Island before European settlement started in 1609. This garden was the Legacy Gift of the Class of 2008 and coincided with the 400th anniversary of the arrival of Henry Hudson in New York Harbor. The plant list was provided by the Mannahatta Project, now renamed the Weilikia Project.


238 Thompson Rooftop

238 Thompson Rooftop Garden

This 3,700 square foot un-irrigated green roof features a wide variety of plants not typically seen on green roofs: Wild Columbine, Goldenrod, Moss Phlox, Corsican Violet, and even chives are just a few of the plants that grace this roof bordering Washington Square Park.


American Cranberry Bush

Bleecker Street Plantbeds

Since 2007, NYU Landscaping has planted 13,000 square feet of mixed garden beds on Bleecker Street featuring more than 50 species of trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses, and bulbs. Many of these plants were organically grown in the gardens of Battery Park and transplanted at Bleecker Street.


Aster in Mercer Plaza

Mercer Plaza (Cogen Park)

This 13,000 square foot plaza was built in 2010 atop NYU’s state of the art Cogeneration Plant. Plantings include a collection of native trees like Tulip trees, Sweetgum, and Willow Oaks, along with a variety of native shrubs, perennials, and grasses such as Witch Hazel, Rose Mallow, and Switchgrass.


Willie's garden

Willy's Memorial Garden at One-Half Fifth Avenue

This 8,000 square foot courtyard garden serves as the entrance to the Graduate School of Arts and Science and the faculty residences of 7-13 Washington Square North. This garden is currently undergoing a renovation to introduce new shrubs, perennials, and bulbs for year round interest.


Tree Guards

Tree Guards for NYC Street Trees

To protect street trees that face NYU buildings and beautify the sidewalks, NYU has begun a project to install iron tree guards in treepits around campus.