We love to feature the original work of NYU students and other members of the NYU community! You are welcome to submit your short and feature films, animation work, documentary and factual content, comedy sketches, PSAs, and more. Videos not in English should have English subtitles.

If your work is chosen to play on NYU-TV, all copyrighted content must be cleared or fair use. You will retain the copyright of your work without restrictions.

Submit a Program to Air

Content Notes

The station's management team reserve the right to (1) make editorial decisions, including the right to reject messages, (2) alter broadcast times, and (3) edit messages for space limitations, content clarity, and aesthetics, in the interest of good broadcasting practices and taste, and in line with the policies (including the copyright policies) of the University.  In the rare case that edits are required, they will be discussed fully with you.

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