Never pay full price for a movie again!

Save up to $5 per ticket by discount movie passes at NYU Box Office.

Discount movie passes are vouchers purchased at a discounted price and then exchanged at a participating movie theater for tickets. Discount movie passes are available for purchase in person at the NYU Box Office with a valid NYU Card.

There is no limit on the number of passes you may purchase, but the Box Office cannot guarantee immediate fulfillment of large orders (50+ passes).

Movie Pass Menu

Theater Pass Type
Price Restrictions
AMC/Loews Black
$10.75 None. No expiration date.
United Artists,
Edwards, and
Regal Cinemas

$9.00 2-week hold on major new releases. No expiration date. $1.50
surcharge in Manhattan theaters.
City Cinemas
and Angelika
Film Center

Screensaver $9.00 Cannot be used within the first two weeks of a movie's release.

*Prices of movie passes sold at NYU Box Office include a 6-9% surcharge which reflects the shipping and handling costs of obtaining these tickets from theater vendors.

All discounted movie tickets carry a facility fee of $1 per ticket to help defray the expense of employing the student cashiers who sell the movie passes at the windows of NYU Box Office.

Movie Theater Locations