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Using Laptops in Bobst Library

You can use your own laptop in Bobst Library, or borrow one of ours.

Got your own laptop? What else do you need?
  • A 10BaseT ethernet card with an RJ-45 female connector
  • an IP address registered for Roaming Access
What do we provide?

  • Macintosh Powerbooks and PC laptops
  • a network connection (also called a network “drop”)
  • electrical power
  • software: Ms Office, Internet Explorer
Where can you get a laptop? Where can you use a laptop?
  • Look for specially-equipped carrels:

    • B-level study areas
    • 4th floor, SE corner
    • 5th floor, SE corner
    • 6th floor, west atrium wall
    • 7th floor, west atrium wall
    • 8th floor, SE corner
    • 9th floor, SE corner
    • 10th floor, west atium wall
Who can borrow a laptop?
  • NYU students and faculty with current picture IDs.
Need more information?
  • Call the ERC: 212-998-2460

Last Updated: August 2001

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