Usability Testing at Bobst Library at New York University

The Questions

Here are the questions we asked, with a brief analysis of the responses and implications for the web redesign process.

  1. YOu're doing research for your introductory psychology class. Can you use our website to find out which psychology journals and other e-resources would be appropriate for your research?
  2. /Find an online copy of the journal Washington Law Review
  3. You are looking for the book: Reading and Writing Women's Lives, by Author Bege K. Bowers. How would you find out if NYU Libraries has this book?
    If the book is checked out, what are your options? can you find out what to do on the site?

  4. You're writing a paper about the American Nature writer, Henry David Thoreau. How would you find articles about him by using our website?
  5. Please connect to the Lexis-Nexis Database
  6. Your professor said you should go to the library to get items she's placed on reserve. Can you find more information about this on our website?
  7. Can you check out a laptop in Bobst Library? Use out website to answer this question.
  8. How long can you, as an undergrad, grad, faculty member, check out a book?
  9. You want to renew a book that you checked out--can you do it online, or do you need to physically come into the library? Find the answers to this question using our website.
  10. For undergrads: Which reference center would you visit to speak with someone about a topic in biology?
    For grads and profs: Bobst Library does not own a copy of a particular book. Can you recommend someone purchase it?

  11. For undergrads: Find the name of the librarian who specializes in anthropology.
    For grads, faculty: How would you find the subject specialist librarian in your area of research?

  12. Do any of the NYU Libraries own a copy of the video Battle of Algiers? (If so, please find its location and call number).

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