Usability Testing at Bobst Library at New York University


The purpose of usability testing on the "How to Use Bobst" Section [with a focus on the online tutorials] of the Library Web site is to determine in what format users want to obtain instructional information pertaining to the library. In performing this usability testing, we aim to make this section of the library's Web site more user-focused.

The particular questions we aim to answer through this usability test are:

  • How interactive should the tutorials be
  • How linear in nature should the tutorials be
  • How should the navigation in the tutorials be arranged to best suit the users
  • How best can we test the knowledge our users have gained through using our tutorials
  • Should the tutorials be primarily text-based, or should they be graphics and multimedia rich?
  • Should tutorials be pages with itemized information, from which users can easily navigate back to a clickable table of contents, or should their navigation be such that you go through each section with no option of skipping sections.

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