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Resources marked with restricted resource  are for staff members only. Resources on wiki marked with wiki resource (

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Access Department/Library Privileges
Access Grid (Who May Use Bobst?)
restricted resource Active Committees, List of
restricted resource Active Committees Members, List of
Acquisitions Department
restricted resource Administrative Policies and Procedures
restricted resource Advance Form (Travel) [instructions]
restricted resource ADVANCE Report Request (Cataloging)
restricted resource Annual Evaluation Form, Administrators
restricted resource Annual Evaluation Form, Faculty
Arch Maintenance Form for Selectors
restricted resource Arch and Electronic Resources: a Quick Overview for Selectors
restricted resource Arch Mapping / LC Classes
restricted resource Assessment
restricted resource Automated Services
Avery Fisher Center Classrooms, Reserving
Avery Fisher Center Room Reservation Form


restricted resource Bargaining Agreements
restricted resource Benefits
restricted resource Bi-Monthly Activity Reports
BLCC Classrooms, Reserving
restricted resource Building Services [in Administrative Policies and Procedures]
restricted resource Business Cards
restricted resource Business Payment Form [instructions]


Campus Media Request for Service
Carrels and Lockers
Catalog Maintenance Form
Cataloging Department
Cell Phone Policy see Food and Drink, and Cell Phone use at Bobst Library
Classrooms, Reserving
restricted resource Client Services
Code of Conduct
Collection Development Policies
restricted resource Collection Services
restricted resource Collections and Research Services
restricted resource Committee Reports see individual committees
restricted resource Committees and Representatives, Faculty
restricted resource Committees, List of Active
restricted resource Committees Members, List of Active
restricted resource Communication Policy -- Employee Evaluations
Community Service Committee
Conduct Code
Conference Rooms, Reserving
Confidentiality of Library Records Policy
wiki resource Confluence
restricted resource Controller's Division
Reimbursement Form
Reimbursement Form Expense Breakdown sheet
Advance Form [instructions]
Business Payment Form [instructions]
Copy Card Vending
Current Periodicals Department


Digital Library Team
Departmental Directory, NYU Libraries
Restricted Resource Directory – One Page, NYU Libraries Staff by Name
DM Forums List (


Eating and Drinking Policy see Food and Drink, and Cell Phone use at Bobst Library
restricted resource Electronic Access Policy Committee
restricted resource Electronic Resources and the Arch: a Quick Overview for Selectors
Electronic Forums
E-mail: eliminating spam
restricted resource Emergency Procedures [in: Administrative Policies and Procedures]
restricted resource Ergonomics Committee
restricted resource Evaluation Form, Faculty
restricted resource Evaluation Form, Administration
External NYU Libraries


restricted resource Faculty Evaluation Form
wiki resource Faculty Handbook
restricted resource Faculty Meeting Calendar
restricted resource Faculty Meeting Minutes
Factbook for NYU Libraries
Film and Photography Policy
restricted resource Fire Marshals
Fiscal Affairs see Controller's Division
Food and Drink, Cell Phone and Laptop use at Bobst Library (QLC Final Report 9/15/04)
restricted resource Form, ADVANCE Report Request (Cataloging)
restricted resource Form, Accounts Payable Direct Deposit [instructions]
restricted resource Form, Advance [instructions]
Form, Annual Faculty Evaluation
restricted resource Form, Business Payment [instructions]
Form, Campus Media Request for Service
Form, Catalog Maintenance
Form, Direct Deposit for Payroll and Reimbursements
Form, Promotion Application
restricted resource Form, Reimbursement
restricted resource Form, Reimbursement (Expense Breakdown Sheet)
restricted resource Form, Reimbursement (Missing/Inadequate Documentation)
Form, Sabbatical Leave
restricted resourceForm, Tenure Recommendation
restricted resourceForm, Travel Request
Form, Video Selection
restricted resourceForms, Library
Forums [Staff Mailing Lists]


restricted resource Goals Statement


restricted resource Handbook, Faculty
restricted resource Help Desk [Client Services]
HICUP Project
Holdings Inventory Clean-Up Project
House Style for Website [doc]
How to Write for the Web
restricted resource Human Resources, Division of Libraries
Human Resources Office


restricted resource ILS Implementation
wiki resource Instructional and Undergraduate Services
restricted resource Internal Communication and Information Policy
restricted resource Intranet



restricted resource Keys [in Administrative Policies and Procedures]


Laptop Use Policy see Food and Drink, Cell Phone and Laptop use at Bobst Library

restricted resource Library Assessment Team
restricted resource Library Council

restricted resourceLibrary Forms
Library Privileges/Access Department
Library Web Liaisons
restricted resource List of Active Committees
restricted resource List of Active Committees Members


Mailing Lists, Staff
Meeting Rooms, Reserving
restricted resource Members, List of Active Committees
restricted resource Mentoring Committee
Microforms Department
restricted resource Minutes, Faculty Meetings
restricted resource Mission and Goals Statement


Name, Staff Directory by
NYU Home Spam Blocker
NYU Home Tips


Restricted Resource Organizational Chart [PDF]


Personnel Department [NYU Human Resources]
restricted resource Personnel Department - Division of Libraries [Libraries Human Resources]
Photography and Film Policy
Policies--Confidentiality of Library Records
restricted resource Privacy
Privileges (Library Access) Department
restricted resource Promotion Application
restricted resource Public Services Department
Purchasing, NYU


restricted resource Quality of Life Committee
restricted resource Quarterly Activity Reports
restricted resource Quarterly Reports: Information and Deadlines


Reimbursement — Quick Guide to AP Workflow
restricted resource Reimbursement Form
restricted resource Reimbursement Form Expense Breakdown Sheet
restricted resource Reimbursement Form Missing/Inadequate Documentation
restricted resource Report, ADVANCE Request (Cataloging)
restricted resource Request an ADVANCE Report (Cataloging)
Request for Service, Campus Media
Reserves Department
Reserving Classrooms and Meeting Rooms
Room Reservations (Avery Fisher Center)


Sabbatical Leave Form
restricted resource Selector's Manual
Serials Department
Signage and Graphics [Reprographics]
Spam - eliminating from NYUHome mail
restricted resource Special Collections Extended Access Form
Stacks Department
Staff Departmental Directory, NYU Libraries
Restricted Resource Staff Directory – One Page, NYU Libraries Staff by Name
Staff Mailing Lists (Forums)
Staff Visitors
Strategic Planning, 2003-2005
Style Manual for the Web
restricted resource Systems Department


Technical Services Department
Toolkit for Promotion and Tenure
restricted resource  Travel Request Form


restricted resource Union Contracts
Usability Studies


Virtual Reference Service Sub Committee (VRSS)
Video Selection Form
VTLS Implementation
VTS Machines


restricted resource Weather Emergencies
wiki resource  Web Advisory Sub Committee (WASC)
Web Liaison Instructions
Writing for the Web
Writing for the Web -- House Style [PDF]