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Unaffiliated Left Organizations, Independent Leftists, and Government Surveillance of the Left

Personal Papers:

Lee Baxandall (Brecht, Marxist aesthetics)
Cedric Belfrage
Sally Belfrage
Daniel Bell
Helena Born
Sam Brandon
Harold Cruse
Cuban letters
Olive Tilford Dargan
*Raya Dunayevskaya
Ziad Abu Eain
Erwin Edelman
Frederic Ewen
Ralph Fasanella
Sol Feinstone, collector
David Fender
Elinor Ferry
Nelson Frank
Mary E. Gawthorpe (British suffragette)
Jay Gorney
Leo Isaacson
Glen Jenkins
Jay and Si-Lan Chen Leyda
Charles Madison
Harry Magdoff
Heinz Norden
William Roe Polk
William A. Reuben
Morris U. Schappes
Simon Schwartz
Oscar Shaftel
Chalmers, K. Stewart
Harry Turner
Girolamo Valenti
Stan Weir
Isadore Wisotsky
Robert Wohlforth
Sol Yurick.

Organizational Archives:

American Committee for Cultural Freedom (permission)
Camp Midvale/Nature Friends of America
Conference on Democracy in Education
Committee on Democratic Election Laws
*Greenwich House
Kalmuck Resettlement Committee
*Left in Britain
Newsmen's Commission to Investigate the Murder of George Polk
*Oneida Community
Oral History of the American Left project files
PM FBI files
Revolutionary Workers League
Russian Artillery Commission
*U.S. Military Intelligence Reports: Surveillance of Radicals, 1917-1941
University Place Bookshop
Workers Cooperative Colony (Bronx, NY).


Karl Akiya
Tung Pok Chin

Labor Law and Civil Rights:

Harold I. Cammer
National Lawyers Guild
*Meiklejohn Civil Liberties
Rabinowitz, Boudin, Standard, Krinsky (attorneys)
Abraham Unger.

Updated 01/16/2011

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